EU Clash: Orban and the V4 vs Italy and the Med States

EU Clash: Orban and the V4 vs Italy and the Med States

* PM Matteo Renzi may be gone, but the battle continues.

Just last week, Malta claimed they would “sink” without mandatory EU migrant quotas.  Think about this shocking statement.  An EU member state claims they will cease to exist without other nations taking migrants they never asked for. What type of country is this?  Certainly not a serious one, if they would choose not to secure their border over survival.  Moreover, how can it be the doing of the V4 or Slovakia that Malta “sinks”?  Pretty weak, but I suspect there is a little “drama” to their statement.

However, it does symbolize the problems of a global super-state, such as the EU.  How can there be an EU solution to the migrant crisis when its leaders, particularly the Med States and the V4, have a completely different set of values pertaining to this issue.  While we certainly favor the view of the V4, values simply cannot be universally implied.  The EU and Angela Merkel are not divine Gods, nor are they morally superior to the people of Hungary.  They cannot force their “perceived values” on the nation states, who have their own traditions and beliefs.

Renzi’s border in Italy is wide-open; it does not have to be this way, but this is what the leaders of Italy have chosen.  The V4 and CEE states do not believe in the multicultural world of Western Europe.  They see the chaos and dangers of the open border/multicult experience, and how it has exposed the citizens of France, Belgium, Sweden, and Germany. This loss of culture and way of life is not something the V4 desires for their people.  Nothing wrong with that; in fact, it is quite natural.

So this is where we stand:  Italy’s solution is to solve the problem with unlimited refugees and endless quotas for others. How else would one explain the actions of its leaders? They have shown no interest in sealing the border.  The V4, on the other hand, will never accept quotas, for they know they will never end.  They want “solidarity at the border” and are willing to send troops and equipment to help seal those external entry points.

So is an EU solution possible?  Probably not.  The EU may have to break.  In the end, the EU has proven that global government is void of any soul; they do not carry the passions and hearts of Europeans. Nation States will defend their people and their culture, but they will not die for the EU.

The future is not the EU, but smaller, less intrusive regional alliances that better reflect the interests and traditions of their people.  Europe could still enjoy free trade without the bureaucracy and mandates of the EU; in fact, they may be better off without the socialist utopians in Brussels.

The migrant crisis may have buried the EU Project, but the nation states of Europe still live to fight on. A new “Responsible Nationalism” is emerging from the East, and its future is now.