French Solidarity and the Jungle of Calais.

French Solidarity and the Jungle of Calais.

French Solidarity and the Jungle of Calais.

A Czech truck driver was sentenced to two years in prison after 15 illegal migrants from Iraq were found in his truck.

Maybe Macron should have been sentenced instead for exposing the safety of truck drivers and allowing aggressive male migrants to control the streets of Calais.

What punishment did the French court give to the illegals from Iraq? Were they deported immediately? And the NGOs? When will they be arrested for transporting illegal migrants to Italy and Spain?

* In a controversial judgement on Thursday, a court in France increased the sentence of a Czech truck driver, who was found with illegal migrants hiding in the back of his truck.

Jiří Sagan claimed he was innocent and did not know about the migrants, who entered his truck when he was asleep.

European MEP Tomáš Zdechovský from the Czech Republic provided this testimony: “The most grueling thing is that there is no direct proof against Mr. Sagan; it is rather a series of beliefs and prejudices arising from the fact that Sagan is a citizen of what the French view as the ‘eastern countries’.”

“Mr. Sagan had his phone checked, his emails, his accounts, and all of that of his family’s, and no strange transactions or suspicious calls were found. Even the captured migrants testified in his favor with the fact that he did not really know anything about it, and they entered the truck by force.”

“Mr. Sagan lives with his daughter and a girlfriend who suffers from cancer. He is the only earner in the family. As a truck driver he has been honestly living for 15 years, he has never had a problem, has completely clean record and even his own company guaranteed his innocence as well as paid his legal representation, because the family couldn’t afford it.”

** We believe the driver and many others have a valid point; in our opinion, the negligent party is the government of France, which continues to tolerate the type of dangerous environment.

Last month, a Bulgarian truck driver was beaten by a mob of fifty migrants after he tried to prevent them from entering his truck. Where were the French police to protect this driver?

Why are French officials tolerating this utter nonsense? The fact that France will not prevent migrants from erecting dangerous ‘barricades’ on its roads is an abomination and an embarrassment.

If a person is proven that he was involved with illegal trafficking, there must be punishment. However, if the migrants sneaked into the truck, then it should be the negligent French officials who are prosecuted. After all, they have enabled this type of environment in Calais to thrive.