Godfather of EU, George Soros, heavily involved in Italy, especially in regards to migration.

Godfather of EU, George Soros, heavily involved in Italy, especially in regards to migration.

Godfather of EU, George Soros, heavily involved in Italy, especially in regards to migration.

As Czech EU Commissioner Vera Jourova (thanks Andrej Babis 🤨) said: “Open Society values are at the heart of EU action”.

– Open Society Foundations granted more than 8 million dollars to NGOs and leftists in Italy…with a big focus on migration.

As the press agency Adnkronos reveals, Soros “invested” $8,527,948 in Italy. It is the amount of ‘grants’ given in Italy by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations in the 2017-2018 period.

Among the beneficiaries, political movements such as the Italian Radicals, think-tanks like the Istituto Affari Internazionali, non-profit organization and NGOs committed to immigration and even the Municipality of Ventimiglia.

In all, according to data obtained from Adnkronos, the foundation of the US-based billionaire philanthropist of Hungarian origin has funded 70 projects: 32 in 2017, for a total of $4,140,318; and 38 in 2018, for $4,387,630.

– Immigration remains the main field of action of Soros’ Open Society Foundations in Italy, writes the press agency. To the Italian Radicals, for example, they went with $298,550 in 2017, to “promote a broad reform of Italian immigration laws through initiatives that aim to provide aid to immigrants and advance their social well-being”. Still on the migrants front, as many as $385,715 in 2018 were assigned to Asgi, the Association for legal studies on immigration, which in the past also published the magazine ‘Immigration and Citizenship Law’, in collaboration with the Democratic Judiciary.

Among the myriad of acronyms, public and private bodies, NGOs and non-profit organizations that have benefited from the generosity of George Soros, the name of Iai also stands out; the Istituto Affari Internazionea presided over by former European Commissioner Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, received in 2018 $230,192 “to educate and encourage dialogue with political actors on new approaches to immigration and European asylum policies, for the benefit of migrants, refugees and host societies”.

The most consistent figure, in the list obtained by Adnkronos, is that assigned in 2017 to Purpose Europe Limited…1 million dollars. The organization does not appear to be directly attributable to Italy, but in reference to our country, it also published in July 2018 the report, ‘Attitudes towards National Identity, Immigration and Refugees in Italy’.

– Money to Emma Bonino
+ Europe, the ultra-liberal party founded by former Foreign Minister Emma Bonino, which also includes Bruno Tabacci and Benedetto Della Vedona, received a record donation from the financier George Soros . According to Italian Affairs, the pro-Brussels political formation has received almost 200,000 euros of funding from the Hungarian financier and wife in view of the European elections, which took place on May 26th.

The contributions, paid with two operations dated 22 and 30 January 2019, were published on the Più Europa website, following the entry into force of the Scrubbers Law (l. 9 January 2019, n. 3). From 31 January the parties are required to publish the identities of the financiers whose contribution exceeds 500 euros.

* Any questions to regarding the “center of influence” in Brussels? And one thought the EU was supposed to represent Europe’s interests 😂.