Greece: New migration minister says those not entitled to asylum will be sent back to Turkey. Is there an over/under line? 😂

Greece:  New migration minister says those not entitled to asylum will be sent back to Turkey.  Is there an over/under line? 😂

Greece: New migration minister says those not entitled to asylum will be sent back to Turkey. Is there an over/under line? 😂

But will Erdogan have other ideas? And why only 10,000 returns (this extremely low) as the goal for 2020, especially given the constant influx of new migrants that far exceed this number?

We hope this does not turn out to be a “show” type of deal behind closed doors, where the Greek government sends back a token number if illegals in order to calm upset Greeks…while Erdogan accepts a minimum number in order to keep the euros flowing his way.

– Greek Minister: “Today, we had a migrant boat arrival from Turkey and asked for the implementation, for the first time, of the new legislation. The migrants/refugees will stay on the island for 25 days. Additionally, I asked from the asylum service to act rapidly and according to the new procedures to separate those people entitled to asylum while the others will be sent, as soon as possible, back to Turkey….we also have national rules and those migrants or refugees not entitled to asylum will be sent back to Turkey. We believe that this will play a key role in the reduction of the flows”.

OK, the V4 Report has heard this for years, but little has been done. The response from the governments in Greece have been quite pathetic. The Greeks are getting impatient as well and maybe the protests are starting to help.

We shall see; on the other hand, while we are not optimistic, the new government has been in power less than a year, so maybe they can prove themselves worthy yet in 2020.

However, its goal of 10,000 returns (or even 20,000) to Turkey by the end of 2020 is far too low, especially with more arriving daily. The numbers simply do not add up, especially with all the migrants who arrived in the last few years.

Additionally, we keep hearing about those entitled to asylum, but this would involve very few cases with the exception of some Turkish citizens who may be fleeing from Erdogan’s political persecution.

For non-Turkish citizens, however, including Syrians, who entered Greece via Turkey, all would be considered illegal migrants, since, according to the EU, Turkey is a safe country. In other words, almost all the migrants should be returned to Turkey quickly to apply for asylum there. If this happened, Erdogan – not burdened or handcuffed by insane EU declarations – would be much faster and efficient at deporting the migrants back to their home countries

Which leads us to the biggest factor that Greece will have to deal with regarding returns…Turkey.

There is no indication that Erdogan will accept these migrants back in any meaningful way, which may be one of the reasons the Greek government has proposed such a low number. Hopefully, this is not just a small token exchange for political purposes and appearances on both sides.

We will see soon, but in the long run, Greece and the EU cannot rely on Turkey or any outside power to defend its border for many reasons. They can seek assistance, but ultimately this is something they must do themselves.

This may involve an economic showdown (EU has much more leverage as we have detailed before; 50% of Turkey’s exports are to the EU) and declaring the near sea regions as a military zone (no entry of unauthorized boats; migrants), but this is what it may take to defend one’s self-survival.

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Posted by V4 Report on Friday, January 24, 2020

The EU cannot keep dealing with Erdogan from a position of weakness (please don’t open the floodgates), but must start using the economic leverage they have over Erdogan, who knows full well how dependent his economy is on Europe.

Right now, Erdogan does not respect the EU and believes it’s leaders are weak…and he is correct.

While a trade war is tough on all, it is Turkey with the most to lose. The EU needs to make Erdogan aware that they can strike back hard if necessary to adjust his attitude. This is the only type of language Erdogan understands, especially when it could destabilize his regime in Turkey.

Erdogan has been dealt with before by others who have played hard ball; in fact, we would say he was even taught a lesson in Syria.

It’s time for Europe to stand up for itself, instead of being blackmailed into submission.