How’s that new EU-approved government doing in Italy?

How’s that new EU-approved government doing in Italy?

How’s that new EU-approved government doing in Italy?

After the Conte regime increased migrant allowance (slashed under Salvini), 1,500 migrants sailed from Libya in just four days.

At least Brussels is happy and Frans Timmermans’ claims there is no longer a migration crisis.🤨

– In just four days, 22 boats containing around 1,500 migrants have launched from the Libyan mainland toward Italy, as the leftist coalition increases the daily allowance for them.

Italy’s leftist coalition government of the Five Star Movement (M5S) and the Democratic Party (PD), have continued to undo the security decrees enacted by former Interior Minister Matteo Salvini when his League (Lega) party was in coaltion with the Five Stars.

The new coalition has increased the daily allowance for migrants, while under Salvini the amount had been slashed to 21-25 euros per day.

Salvini’s cuts to the migrant daily allowance were slammed by pro-migration NGOs, who complained that they would see reduced profits due to the policy.

Salvini replied to their concerns in March of last year stating: “Who saw immigration as a trough is, from today, on a diet.”

* Despite the theatre, the EU establishment has no desire to stop mass migration…or they would have already slashed migrant benefits across the bloc, instead of funding new ‘support centers’ and supporting various schemes of relocation.

Obviously, the migrants are being lured to Europe for a reason 🤑, especially when they specifically seek out the so-called ‘rich’ states to establish their roots and culture.

Merkel probably believes they are coming to embrace the EU way of life 😉.