Saudi Arabia, Middle East need to clean up own house before they lecture West

Saudi Arabia, Middle East need to clean up own house before they lecture West

***Update.  Below article was written Nov 2015 in regards to dealing with Erdogan. I remain convinced Europe has greater leverage over his economy than he does over their borders; after all, the EU could do what normal countries do and protect their borders themselves. But Merkel wants to deal with Erdogan by giving him flowers.  My advice is economic hardball, break his ribs (via economic blows) and don’t let him breathe until his attitude is adjusted. Enjoy original article below.

     Jean-Claude Juncker, one of Merkel’s deputies at the EU, says the EU will soon run out on money as a result of their “open border/we can do it ” experiment.  What did Juncker and Merkel expect?  Cash from SaudiArabia?
    Well, it seems the Sauds were willing to offer 200 mosques (when I first  read this, I thought it was a joke, seriously; but they were not kidding).  Never mind that SaudiArabia has been busy feeding and breeding terrorists, and helping to destabilize Syria.  They don’t want their fellow Muslims.  They even went so far as to ban their citizens from adopting orphans from Syria or Iraq.  
    Why is it that the EU and their propaganda team in the international press throw a hissy fit when Slovakia or Hungary prefers Christian refugees (a natural fit), but remain silent when the Gulf nations close the doors to their Muslim brothers?  Christians should get priority seating in Europe; they are persecuted in the Middle East and have no where else to go.  They were fleeing the Middle East in mass long before this current wave of Muslim migrants.
      SaudiArabia and the Gulf states should be taken to task for their actions.  They are an international pariah.  They have the resources, capacity and space to house all the refugees comfortably, without forcing them to be dangerously smuggled to Europe.  There is no excuse and they know it.  The EU and US are their allies and they need the courage to call them out.  The Muslim community, instead of whining about the Visegrad4 nations, needs to step up and start cleaning up its own house before moving their refugee camps to Europe.  What hypocracy that Erdogan says Turkey will not become Europe’s concentration camp when the refugees come right from their back yard.

   What is really lacking from the EU and Merkel is the courage to control their borders, protect their citizens, and not be kicked in the face by countries such as Turkey and SaudiArabia.  Merkel may want some lessons from Hungary and the V4 nations on how this is done.  Despite what Merkel claims, it is working for Hungary.  The “smart phones” Angela are not breaking down steel walls backed by strength; but their GPS is able to locate and penetrate countries like Germany and Greece that have been disarmed of all courage by naive political correctness. 
     The EU is the one that should be telling the Middle East to clean up its act and that they refuse to become the “concentration camp” for their refugees. Tony Abbott is correct; send the boats back to defend the border and bankrupt the smugglers.  The Saudis and Middle East will get the message loud and clear. Demand from Turkey to stop the flow of refugees and to accept back the deported migrants if they want greater ties to Europe. If they don’t comply, isolate them economically and threaten to sink their economy. Erdogan will get the message for he knows he cannot cast his lot with a Middle East in flames.

    What happened to the West that it’s leaders have become like feeble, helpless, blind deer incapable of defending themselves from the venomous slander of political correctness.