The V4 Report: Defending the Visegrad Four

The V4 Report:  Defending the Visegrad Four

We want to thank all of our supporters and those of you who fight every day to defend the culture, values and traditions of the Visegrad nations. We encourage all to visit the “About” page on this site to learn more about the author and founder of Rav’s Report/The V4 Report.

We have three areas to explore:

1. This site contains much of our activity from October 2015 through March 2017. Here, at Rav’s Report, one will find more lengthy articles on the EU migrant crisis and the Visegrad4. We use many of these articles to detail our long-term positions as it relates to the migrant crisis. Many of these articles are still very useful today in defending the positions of the V4 and offering solutions to the crisis.

2. Today, the majority of our activity can be found on our Facebook page: The V4 Report. For those in our audience who do not use Facebook, you can simply scroll to the bottom of this site to find our daily Facebook posts. Our posts on Facebook are designed to cover current events, including the elections that have an impact on the Visegrad Four. We also comment quite often on events relating to the central-eastern European (CEE) nations. We believe the V4 and CEE states must work together to combat the influence of Germany, France and Western Europe. We encourage the V4 and CEE leaders to continue to build upon this alliance in the future.

3. The V4 Report can also be found on Twitter for daily updates. We find the Twitter venue appropriate for those who prefer shorter, less-detailed posts. We are also somewhat more aggressive, and occasionally even humorous, on the Twitter feed.

Finally, many in our audience will no doubt find some of my English “lingo” puzzeling at times. Not only do I come from a heavy athletic background, but I am a former high school boys basketball coach. Hence, some of the motivational quips associated with the posts may need further explanation:

* 🔔🥊 ‘The bell has been rung’. This is a boxing term used to describe the heavy emotions associated with the initial start of a championship fight. We often use it to describe the beginnings of the V4’s various battles with the leaders of the EU.

* ‘Onward V4’. This was a term I often used with my team just before an intense match was to begin. It is a battle call to fight with as much energy and passion as one can give. We use this as a rallying call for the V4 when defending the values and beliefs in which they hold dear.

* Game On! 🔔🥊 This pertains to accepting a challenge, and is often used to describe the anticipation prior to a major competition. We use it to describe the V4’s readiness to defend their values and beliefs from the numerous threats from Brussels.

* ‘They have answered the bell’ 🔔. Yes, another boxing term. We use it to describe a leader who has risen to courageously defend his people from an outside force. Viktor Orban’s defiance of Angela Merkel’s open borders in 2015 was a great example of one who has “answered the bell”.

In the future, we may include a glossary at the bottom of our posts to better describe these harder terms. In addition, the site is in English. Besides my limitations, we have many different people in our audience that speak different languages. English may be the easiest for all. We also recommend “google translate” for converting our posts into the language of preference. It is free, easy and quite efficient (unlike the EU).

Thank you 😊 and Onward V4! 🔔🥊