Austria and France: The “Summit of Lightweights” last week in Salzburg.

Austria and France: The “Summit of Lightweights” last week in Salzburg.

August 29, 2017

*Austria and France: The “Summit of Lightweights” last week in Salzburg.

The shrinking Emmanuel Macron is pictured with Austria’s appointed Chancellor Christian Kern, who is very likely to be replaced this fall. Kern seems to have no energy and is constantly “pushed around” by Brussels. He is not a leader.

Macron came across as “small and crass”, especially with his attack on Poland. His disdain for Poland is obvious, but we believe Beata Szydlo’s firm response may have adjusted his attitude. He will think twice about challenging Poland again.

The problem in Europe does not reside in Hungary or Poland, but at the “core” of the EU. Macron needs to focus on the problems and chaos erupting in the streets of France; he may want to listen to the advice from the leaders of Poland.


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It will ... if catholic and orthodox hug each other


Köszönöm Miniszterelnök úr! Ez igazi "tökös", magyar beszéd volt!!!

Good and true speech. We V4 nations and other CEE nation states have to stay together more then ever before in our histories! Only united can we save our countries. We have a common enemy which wants to destroy the nation states and settle from foreign and different cultures imported people in to our countries. Stay together! Together we are strong and invincible!

Without Britain France and Germany!!!

Europe is Christian and always will be. Islam is a fake religion. It was created by cat"holy"cism. The term "allah" in hebrew ala' mean curse. 1.)If you want to save Europe and / or your country please dont spend your freetime in front of the television with its vicious content. 2.) Marry and settle down! Give a new european life! 3.) Protect Christianity, your family, and white people with arm at all cost Europe is European!

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