Angela Merkel pushes to enlarge and expand the EU’s migrant quota program to include African nations and “vulnerable” migrants.

Angela Merkel pushes to enlarge and expand the EU’s migrant quota program to include African nations and “vulnerable” migrants.

August 29, 2017

Angela Merkel pushes to enlarge and expand the EU’s migrant quota program to include African nations and “vulnerable” migrants. Like all of Merkel’s decisions on migration, this will be an absolute disaster.

– Four out of five powers responsible for the migrant crisis (Greece the fifth) have agreed on a new scheme to grant asylum to “vulnerable migrants” who apply for protection while in Africa instead of their destination countries.

– In a joint statement, the four leaders acknowledged a need for initiating in Chad and Niger the process of resettling in Europe “particularly vulnerable migrants.” They pledged to initiate a plan to carry out “protection missions” in the African nations in cooperation with the United Nations’ refugee and migration agencies. The leaders of Africa have “shaken-down” the EU again for more money. Like Erdogan, they know the EU Core is weak and take full advantage of their naivety.

For 18 months, the V4 Report has warned that Merkel and the leaders in Brussels have no intention of stopping the migrant flow or deporting the illegal migrants outside of Europe. Merkel’s plan from the beginning has been to establish a “permanent and ongoing” mechanism to transfer an unlimited amount of migrants to Europe. Today, with Emmanuel Macron at her side, Merkel has laid out her multicultural manifesto for Europe.

– The process would allow today’s “illegal migrants” to immigrant legally to Europe if they are on an eligibility list provided by the “UN refugee agency and registered with authorities in Niger and Chad”. How convenient.

Merkel and Macron will now delegate Europe’s migration policy to the pro-Islamic and radical leftists at the UN. They will decide which migrants magically turn into “eligible refugees”, which no doubt will include every migrant that applies. Merkel knows there are very few (if any) true “refugees” in Africa; thus, as we warned months ago, her new plan is to turn “illegal migration” into “legal migration” by radically changing the definition of a refugee

– Merkel will again seek to take credit for the actions of others, as she did with the closing of the Balkan route and Greece. After the EU failed miserably in their soft attempts to reduce the migrant wave from Libya, others took matters into their own hands. The number of migrants reaching Italy from Libya by sea dropped by nearly 70% in July and August. This was due to the “backdoor” efforts of Italy to fund armed groups to prevent the smugglers from launching the boats. We reported the details of the new operation in two posts from last week.

The bell has been rung and the battle has intensified for the heart and soul of Europe. The beliefs and multicult theology of Western Europe and the EU Core are incompatible with the values, culture and way of life of the V4 and CEE nations.

The EU Core may have surrendered their soul, but the V4 nation states will continue to fight. The future of Central-Eastern Europe is not France or Germany, but the V4 and Three Seas Initiative.

Onward V4! Build it, strengthen it and defend it.


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It will ... if catholic and orthodox hug each other


Köszönöm Miniszterelnök úr! Ez igazi "tökös", magyar beszéd volt!!!

Good and true speech. We V4 nations and other CEE nation states have to stay together more then ever before in our histories! Only united can we save our countries. We have a common enemy which wants to destroy the nation states and settle from foreign and different cultures imported people in to our countries. Stay together! Together we are strong and invincible!

Without Britain France and Germany!!!

Europe is Christian and always will be. Islam is a fake religion. It was created by cat"holy"cism. The term "allah" in hebrew ala' mean curse. 1.)If you want to save Europe and / or your country please dont spend your freetime in front of the television with its vicious content. 2.) Marry and settle down! Give a new european life! 3.) Protect Christianity, your family, and white people with arm at all cost Europe is European!

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