Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic:  For investors, the “bad boys” of Europe are doing just fine.  V4 Strong!

Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic: For investors, the “bad boys” of Europe are doing just fine. V4 Strong!

* Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic: For investors, the “bad boys” of Europe are doing just fine. V4 Strong!

** Despite the whining in Brussels and Berlin, the bad boys of Central Europe remain the EU’s most dynamic, fastest-growth economies — and the best ones to back for the next decade.

****** reports Central Europe’s stock markets are booming! Their fundamentals are strong, and getting stronger.

In Poland, Law & Justice might not have many friends in Brussels, but its mix of competitive markets and attractiveness to global investors, while boosting welfare spending to support domestic demand and improve its demographics, is a pretty good policy combination.

It should be enough to keep Poland growing for a long time. It is already the eighth largest economy in the EU, and it would hardly be surprising if it overtook Spain and perhaps Italy, unless that country can break out of terminal decline. With the U.K. on the way out, it could eventually be the EU’s fourth or even third biggest member — and that will give it a voice and clout.

Hungary and the Czech Republic look just as good. The Polish market is one of the best performing in the world right now, and the Hungarian and Czech bourses are doing pretty good as well.

In reality, the EU can huff and puff, but the ‘”populists” in charge of those countries are doing a perfectly competent job of managing their economies. Investors should ignore the political noise, and get in while they still can. *******

The V4 Report: With Euro-Club members France and the Mediterranean states struggling from the crippling consequences of socialism, Visegrad has more leverage in Europe than many realize and cannot be ignored or marginalized. In effect, these countries are manufacturing hubs for Europe and they are vital to its success.

Yes, there is no doubt the V4 benefits greatly from trade with Germany, but Berlin benefits as well. The German export machine cannot afford any interruptions in trade and their companies are profiting handsomely from their activities in Central Europe. {Please refer to our following post regarding the EU developmental funds. While all parties benefit, Western companies are profiting very nicely from these “investments”.}

While the old “EU Core” seems to be lacking energy and incapable of dealing with multiculturalism and the ongoing terror attacks paralyzing their streets, the V4 nations are safe and have established themselves as the emerging talent in Europe (like a young Jaromir Jagr). It may take time and there will be bumps along the way, but we believe the nations of the V4 and CEE region have enormous potential and will be a force to be reckoned with in Europe.

The road to Central Europe goes through Visegrad, with must stops in Hungary and Poland. Emmanuel Macron may not like it, but he will just have to get used to this hard reality. The V4 is here to stay.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. Your time is near.


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V4 Report

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Köszönöm Miniszterelnök úr! Ez igazi "tökös", magyar beszéd volt!!!

Good and true speech. We V4 nations and other CEE nation states have to stay together more then ever before in our histories! Only united can we save our countries. We have a common enemy which wants to destroy the nation states and settle from foreign and different cultures imported people in to our countries. Stay together! Together we are strong and invincible!

Without Britain France and Germany!!!

Europe is Christian and always will be. Islam is a fake religion. It was created by cat"holy"cism. The term "allah" in hebrew ala' mean curse. 1.)If you want to save Europe and / or your country please dont spend your freetime in front of the television with its vicious content. 2.) Marry and settle down! Give a new european life! 3.) Protect Christianity, your family, and white people with arm at all cost Europe is European!

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