Italy and EU Core:  New cases of rape in Italy committed by illegal migrants of Moroccan and Nigerian origin.

Italy and EU Core: New cases of rape in Italy committed by illegal migrants of Moroccan and Nigerian origin.

* Italy and EU Core: New cases of rape in Italy committed by illegal migrants of Moroccan and Nigerian origin.

** Translated from Czech to English.

In addition to the gang rape of a Polish tourist in Rimini, the Italian authorities are addressing other recent sexual assaults. Within two days, five other women were raped. Among them was an 81-year-old senior who was allegedly raped by a Nigerian asylum seeker on Wednesday. Migrants are suspected in four of the five new cases.

The government has already announced a plan to help the victims of sexual attacks. They must also help prevent future attacks and atrocities by sealing the borders and deporting the illegal migrants “out of Europe”. The government of Italy has a moral duty to protect their citizens, not to expose them to the unnecessary risks associated with an open border.

What is the Queen of Solidarity, Angela Merkel, doing to protect Europeans? Merkel is now working with Emmanuel Macron and the UN to expand and enlarge the EU’s relocation scheme to include more migrants from Africa. In other words, Merkel wants to transform illegal migrants from Africa into qualified refugees. Just like that Angela?

Chancellor Merkel is exceedingly overstepping her authority and allowing her vanity to blind her to reality. She must be publicly and fiercely challenged on this by the V4 and other nation states. We think it’s time to go on the offensive by questioning the competency of Merkel and the EU Commissioners in Brussels. Angela Merkel is not Europe and she must not be permitted to define its values or speak for it alone, especially given her disastrous track record.

The V4 nations were absolutely correct to defy the EU on migrant quotas and must continue this fight. This is a national security issue and they must not permit the EU to relocate unknown migrants from violent cultures to the lands of Visegrad. The V4 leaders have a moral duty to protect their citizens and will not tolerate their nations being used as “test tubes” for the multicult experiments of Brussels. This is not how it works in Central Europe.

The problem in Europe is not Hungary or Poland; rather, it is the “core values” of Berlin and Brussels which are polluting Europe.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. The Battle for Europe is right here and right now.


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It will ... if catholic and orthodox hug each other


Köszönöm Miniszterelnök úr! Ez igazi "tökös", magyar beszéd volt!!!

Good and true speech. We V4 nations and other CEE nation states have to stay together more then ever before in our histories! Only united can we save our countries. We have a common enemy which wants to destroy the nation states and settle from foreign and different cultures imported people in to our countries. Stay together! Together we are strong and invincible!

Without Britain France and Germany!!!

Europe is Christian and always will be. Islam is a fake religion. It was created by cat"holy"cism. The term "allah" in hebrew ala' mean curse. 1.)If you want to save Europe and / or your country please dont spend your freetime in front of the television with its vicious content. 2.) Marry and settle down! Give a new european life! 3.) Protect Christianity, your family, and white people with arm at all cost Europe is European!

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