Slovakia:  What is going through the mind of PM Robert Fico?

Slovakia: What is going through the mind of PM Robert Fico?

* Slovakia: What is going through the mind of PM Robert Fico? He wants to follow the EU Core, but still says he is against the migrant quotas. He may have a problem.

** Robert Fico says the government in Slovakia will respect an EU Court verdict regarding relocation, but claims his negative position to migrant quotas will not change.

“Our position on quotas does not change,” Fico said. “We will continue to work on having solidarity expressed in different ways other than forcing (on us) migrants from other countries that don’t want to be here anyway.”

– We find this statement somewhat ambiguous. Our best interpretation is that Fico is trying not to upset Brussels, while signaling Slovakia will not accept the migrants. We cannot be sure, but we do know that Brussels does not accept “solidarity expressed in different ways”. Angela Merkel’s definition of solidarity is quite clear and migrant quotas are at its core.

– For the moment, Brussels and Fico seem to be tolerating each other for their own purposes. Fico has signaled his intent to enjoy the so-called status of EU Core, while Brussels can attempt to claim they are breaking the unity of the V4. In addition, Angela Merkel and Brussels will do anything in their power to thwart the momentum of the Three Seas Initiative. This is Berlin’s biggest fear, the loss of “influence” over the CEE states.

– Brussels is not happy with the reactions of the V4 following the EU Court verdict on migrant quotas. We are not sure what they expected, but after their feeble meltdown at the border, the EU does not exactly command much respect these days. The border surrender and unwillingness to protect Europeans due to an obsession with political correctness is deplorable and unworthy of Europe.

– We believe there is a storm building between Fico and Brussels. Fico somehow believes the relocation scheme will stop at the end of the month. Has he seen the backlog in Italy? Does he realize that Merkel, Macron and the UN are currently designing a new plan to extend and enlarge the relocation quotas to include “persons in refugee-like situations” from several countries in Africa? The EU Core countries will be expected to participate. When one makes a deal with Brussels, as Austria’s Christian Kern found out, it is almost impossible to break the chains of entanglement.

In addition, Fico says that Slovakia will only accept Christian refugees. We certainly agree with Fico regarding this statement. Christians, for the many reasons we have detailed before on these pages, deserve first priority in Europe. Unlike the Muslims, the Christians cannot seek refuge in the UN camps or Middle East. However, the EU has said this is discrimination and against their “core values”.

Sooner or later, once both parties realize the futility of their arrangement, the clash will come. Fico will quickly realize joining the EU Core will also require embracing their muticult “core values”. This is how the regime in Brussels operates. They cannot win hearts and minds, so they resort to power and blackmail. In the long run, we do not see how Fico will be able to reject migrant quotas while in full partnership with EU Core.

The question: Will Fico choose to sell his Soul for EU Gold or will he defend Slovakia and put the best interests of his people first? We cannot answer this question, but we can suggest a viable alternative with a better future. We believe the future of Slovakia is the V4 and Three Seas Initiative, not the EU Core of France and Germany.

Stay tuned. Onward V4! Stay strong and united. 🔔🥊