France vows to crackdown on the country’s ‘violent ghettos’ after horrifying video of a female cop

France vows to crackdown on the country’s ‘violent ghettos’ after horrifying video of a female cop

* France 🇫🇷 and life at the EU Core: France vows to crackdown on the country’s ‘violent ghettos’ after horrifying video of a female cop being lynched by a mob shocked the world.

She was one of two officers attacked by a crowd of youths after police were called to a party in the Paris suburb of Champigny-sur-Marne. A third officer was beaten up Monday while trying to inspect a stolen scooter inside a sprawling housing estate in the suburb of Aulnay-sous-Bois.

– President Emmanuel Macron branded the assault “a cowardly and criminal lynching”, while more than 1,000 cars were burned across France on New Year’s Eve – a ritual for youths living in “deprived” high-rise suburbs.

Deprived? How are they deprived? What are they doing personally to improve their lives, besides whining and relying on government assistance? Where are their parents?

– Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Europe 1 radio on Tuesday: “This violent society cannot continue in the years to come. It must be stopped.” Do the leaders of France understand that this will not happen with mere “slogans”. They will need to take tough but necessary measures to clean-up their streets.

– Two people were detained on suspicion of vandalism, but no one has been arrested for attacking the police. Macron vowed that the culprits would be “found and punished”.

As usual, tough words from Macron, but we remain unconvinced that he has the inner strength to do what is necessary to clean up the streets of France. What has he accomplished in Calais?

** Warning. The video is disturbing, shocking and violent. The EU Core is quickly melting-down.

The “political correctness” of Western European leaders is emboldening street thugs, who now attack police with no fear of harsh consequences. France and the so-called EU Core remain “on their knees”, allowing the actions of the masses to control their destiny.

Emmanuel Macron should be embarrassed and ashamed for tolerating this type of barbarity in his streets. He is not a strong leader and tolerates this type of behavior from “unaccompanied” teen migrants, who now rule the streets of Calais.

*** Visegrad and all CEE nation states must reject and repudiate any attempt by the EU Parliament and leaders of Western Europe to force migrants on their nations. Moreover, they need to be more aggressive in demanding changes from Brussels.

They can start this week by demanding the resignation of EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos, who wants to “commit” Europe to mass migration from the Third World.

Onward Visegrad! Continue to defend your culture and your people.

France vows to crackdown on the country’s ‘violent ghettos’ after horrifying video of a female cop being lynched by mob shocked the world


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* France, Macron and the EU Core.

** Despite the liberal media’s coaching, grooming and cheering, Emmanuel Macron will never lead Europe. Macron was very successful in private banking but he lacks the ingredients and natural abilities to lead others. He just does not “have it” and does not command the respect of others outside of Brussels.

With Merkel weakened and Macron a sideshow, the French-German drive to steer and lead Europe is unrealistic, pompous and needless - not to mention unwanted.

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Alternative view Ireland.

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Remember Shared European Values is code for: We screwed up please take our troubles.

Okay it wasnt popular here to tell. But i think he is the last clever one of their world. As Rome had some great talents in the end of days. Macron is the last of one of their fallen world much more intelligent than others as Merkel Juncker and others. Edit: He was born there and he fights for his world. I can accept it but i know he is on losing side. They dont have chance to stop Islam.

But unfortunatelly we are part of "Roman Empire" And we dont have too much time to stop Islam in our world before too late.

Mr President I know how to improve the EU - simply scrap it and relegate it to the dustbin if failed projects.

Orbán V.

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