New PM Andrej Babis visits Robert Fico.

New PM Andrej Babis visits Robert Fico.

* Czech Republic and Slovakia: New PM Andrej Babis visits Robert Fico.

** Both appear to be maintaining unity regarding migration and are adamantly opposed to the forced migrant quotas from Western Europe.

“A solution to the migrant crisis and immigration lies elsewhere than in quotas. The Visegrad Group (V4) stands by this view. We expect winning further allies such as Austria and other countries. I think we have a good chance of persuading Europe,” Babis (ANO) said.

*** The V4 Report agrees, but persuasion is best achieved by strong action and displays of strength (not mere requests). We believe Visegrad and the CEE nation states that comprise the “Three Seas” region must strengthen their alliance first before they can “persuade” the EU, especially the western bloc. A good place to start is Article 7.

The Central-European nation states can severely weaken EUCO before the migration battle this summer by supporting Poland. While Hungary has pledged a veto, EUCO would be stunned and staggered if they failed to get 22 member nations to agree to advance the procedures.

This defeat would severely cripple their credibility and provide the CEE states with the confidence to defy and defeat EUCO and Dimitris Avramopoulos on migration this summer. The message needs to be sent. Brussels must not interfere in the internal affairs of the nation states.

– Fico (Smer) voiced support for the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary in connection with the legal actions filed against them by the EU in connection with the forced migrant quotas.

“As far as the migrant issue is concerned, the positions of the governments of the Czech Republic and Slovakia are practically identical. We want and will express solidarity with the Czech Republic, but also Poland and Hungary, in the case of the lawsuits filed against them, since it is utter nonsense.” Fico said.

We have two questions for Fico? Please define “practically identical” in the context used above and why Slovakia is not being sued like the others? What is the difference?


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V4 Report

* France, Macron and the EU Core.

** Despite the liberal media’s coaching, grooming and cheering, Emmanuel Macron will never lead Europe. Macron was very successful in private banking but he lacks the ingredients and natural abilities to lead others. He just does not “have it” and does not command the respect of others outside of Brussels.

With Merkel weakened and Macron a sideshow, the French-German drive to steer and lead Europe is unrealistic, pompous and needless - not to mention unwanted.

Alternative view Ireland.
It's all coming out now. Give it a year or two and there'll be a queue to leave the corrupt and tyrannical European Union
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Alternative view Ireland.

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Remember Shared European Values is code for: We screwed up please take our troubles.

Okay it wasnt popular here to tell. But i think he is the last clever one of their world. As Rome had some great talents in the end of days. Macron is the last of one of their fallen world much more intelligent than others as Merkel Juncker and others. Edit: He was born there and he fights for his world. I can accept it but i know he is on losing side. They dont have chance to stop Islam.

But unfortunatelly we are part of "Roman Empire" And we dont have too much time to stop Islam in our world before too late.

Mr President I know how to improve the EU - simply scrap it and relegate it to the dustbin if failed projects.

Orbán V.

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