Orban tells Germany: “You wanted the migrants, we didn’t.”

Orban tells Germany: “You wanted the migrants, we didn’t.”

Orban tells Germany: “You wanted the migrants, we didn’t.” He added, “Multiculturalism is only an illusion.”

** The German DW News was sure to include some anti-Orban propaganda by suggesting that “Orban has been ramping up his anti-migrant statements ahead of elections in Hungary this April.” Are they suggesting Orban is a new convert to the cause of opposing mass migration due to the 2018 elections?

This is simply false. Viktor Orban has been consistent in his views and actions regarding migration since at least the fall of 2015. It was Viktor Orban who first challenged and defied Angela Merkel and changed the debate on migration inside of Europe. This is not debatable.

– Orban said the decision of thousands of migrants to journey to richer western European countries like Germany while passing through less wealthy “but stable” countries like Hungary was proof that they could not be classified as refugees, but rather “economic migrants in search of a better life.”

– Orban also addressed the ongoing spat between Budapest and Brussels over a migrant relocation scheme. When asked by a Bild reporter why it was fair that Germany accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants while Hungary accepted none, Orban responded: “The difference is, you wanted the migrants, and we didn’t.”

– Orban also told Bild that it was “a double standard” that Hungary was the “only” country in the bloc that was criticized although the quota “wasn’t implemented in over 20 countries.”

According to the latest European Commission figures, only two EU member states refused to take in any migrants under the quota system — Hungary and Poland. Slovakia, Austria and the Czech Republic took in only a handful of refugees under the program.

A total of 22 countries involved in the resettlement scheme fell short of their “legal commitment.” This represents a failure rate of 79%.

*** Yes, the EU relocation scheme has been a failure and major disaster, but this is not the main reason why forced quotas must be defied. Migrant quotas are a national security issue and an internal affair that must be decided by national governments, not the bureaucrats in Brussels.



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* France, Macron and the EU Core.

** Despite the liberal media’s coaching, grooming and cheering, Emmanuel Macron will never lead Europe. Macron was very successful in private banking but he lacks the ingredients and natural abilities to lead others. He just does not “have it” and does not command the respect of others outside of Brussels.

With Merkel weakened and Macron a sideshow, the French-German drive to steer and lead Europe is unrealistic, pompous and needless - not to mention unwanted.

Alternative view Ireland.
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Alternative view Ireland.

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Remember Shared European Values is code for: We screwed up please take our troubles.

Okay it wasnt popular here to tell. But i think he is the last clever one of their world. As Rome had some great talents in the end of days. Macron is the last of one of their fallen world much more intelligent than others as Merkel Juncker and others. Edit: He was born there and he fights for his world. I can accept it but i know he is on losing side. They dont have chance to stop Islam.

But unfortunatelly we are part of "Roman Empire" And we dont have too much time to stop Islam in our world before too late.

Mr President I know how to improve the EU - simply scrap it and relegate it to the dustbin if failed projects.

Orbán V.

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