Hungary, CEE and China:  “The EU has no answer to CEE’s economic needs.”

Hungary, CEE and China: “The EU has no answer to CEE’s economic needs.”

* Hungary, CEE and China: “The EU has no answer to CEE’s economic needs.”

** “We in China think that all countries have the right to determine their own foreign policy”, Liu Zoukui said, denouncing the tendency that “Hungary is being attacked for expressing its disapproval of certain EU decisions”.

The expert reminded that Hungary has been consistently representing its standpoint regarding migration. He praised Viktor Orban for realising that “the engine of globalisation is not necessarily in the West anymore, but in Asia, and Hungary started to seek economic partners outside the EU too”.

*** An important motivation of the criticism is that Western European countries are afraid to lose their economic influence over the Eastern member states who participate in the 16+1, he added.

According to Liu Zuokui it’s becoming clear that the EU can’t provide an answer to the CEE region’s economic needs, the concept of the two-speed Europe is also a sign of internal divisions. He stressed that the 16+1 cooperation focuses only on the economy, China is not meddling in political debates.

– The vast majority of Visegrad and CEE states are emerging markets that will require new markets and opportunities to continue to grow. A “one-size-fits-all” policy created in Brussels and Berlin may be good for France and Germany, but it may hinder the growth of Central Europe.

Obviously, from their complete collapse over migration, Angela Merkel and the leaders of Brussels do not have all the answers. In fact, they may be the problem.


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* France, Macron and the EU Core.

** Despite the liberal media’s coaching, grooming and cheering, Emmanuel Macron will never lead Europe. Macron was very successful in private banking but he lacks the ingredients and natural abilities to lead others. He just does not “have it” and does not command the respect of others outside of Brussels.

With Merkel weakened and Macron a sideshow, the French-German drive to steer and lead Europe is unrealistic, pompous and needless - not to mention unwanted.

Alternative view Ireland.
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Alternative view Ireland.

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Remember Shared European Values is code for: We screwed up please take our troubles.

Okay it wasnt popular here to tell. But i think he is the last clever one of their world. As Rome had some great talents in the end of days. Macron is the last of one of their fallen world much more intelligent than others as Merkel Juncker and others. Edit: He was born there and he fights for his world. I can accept it but i know he is on losing side. They dont have chance to stop Islam.

But unfortunatelly we are part of "Roman Empire" And we dont have too much time to stop Islam in our world before too late.

Mr President I know how to improve the EU - simply scrap it and relegate it to the dustbin if failed projects.

Orbán V.

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