V4 Report: Croatia and Istanbul: A distinguished professor tells PM Andrej Plenkovic to “Abandon the wicked falsehood”.

V4 Report: Croatia and Istanbul: A distinguished professor tells PM Andrej Plenkovic to “Abandon the wicked falsehood”.

V4 Report: Croatia 🇭🇷 and Istanbul: A distinguished professor tells PM Andrej Plenkovic to “Abandon the wicked falsehood”.

“The gender concept, separated from sex, which brings the IC is neither harmonized nor scientific, and thus constitutes the imposition of gender ideology on Croatian society.”

** A distinguished professor at the Medical School in Zagreb and Split, Dr. Matko Marušić, addressed an open letter to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković on the Istanbul Convention.

– Translated in full from Croatian to English. It is long and detailed and we want to be careful that the translation did not change any of Dr. Marušić’s words. We kindly ask our readers from Croatia to correct any errors in the translation.

Dear Mr. Plenković,

I’m a member of HDZ [Croatian Democratic Union], a party you’ve been president, since 1990. I am a university professor and I have lectured on subjects of physiology, immunology and scientific methodology for 45 years at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb and Split.

I was the founder and a longtime editor of the Croatian Medical Journal magazine, and during my academic career, I read about ten thousand scientific papers of doctoral degrees critically, and assessed them for international public accountability.

Keeping this in mind, I am free to confirm that I have read and studied the Istanbul Convention and supporting documents and I hereby wish to alert you that your claims that there are no gender ideologies at the Istanbul Convention are not true.

In the campaign you have run for the ratification of the IC, you have not informed the public about the one billion kunas that will be required to be ratified by the budget mainly for left-liberal organizations and the fact that the 48 mechanisms for the protection of women adopted by the IC in January this year are already embedded in Croatian legislation – I will not go into detail here.

Before I mention the evidence that the Istanbul Convention directly and specifically imposes gender theory, I hereby point out a scientific remark about the difference between theory and ideology.

I noticed that well-known advocates of gender theory, amongst whom you included in the ratification campaign, in discussions with the unknowingly memories of “gender ideology” claim “it is not ideology, there is no gender ideology!”

The theory is a “hypothesis, a prerequisite” that is not denied in numerous and comprehensive tests. This is “the true knowledge of mankind”. In the textbooks they write as true – theories. Because man cannot reach the absolute, God’s truth, it can create very solid theories, but cannot reach the unquestionable and ultimate truth.

Ideology is the imposition of some “theory” by force, without evidence and sufficient research. It is believed by force, not on the basis of documents.

Evidence that the Istanbul Convention directly imposes gender theory is as follows:


1. Article 3 Definitions: “Gender refers to socially-formulated roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that a particular society considers appropriate to women and men.” So if “socially-shaped roles, behaviors, activities and attributes” refer to women and men (as it is written in this article!), there was no need to introduce the term “gender”.

And when it is introduced, it means that sex and gender are not the same. Gender is genetic, and genus is not; if we acknowledge that there are women and men, the genus does not exist at all; there is no need for it in this context, so it is imposed. Let’s think together: a fabrication is introduced, which is attributed to existing and genetically predicated women and men, but it can be anything. Gender theory has been introduced already in the first article of IC.

The transformation of the term “woman” into the term “gender” does not, in any case, contribute to protecting women from discrimination and violence. And when the term “woman” is replaced by the term “gender,” the woman remains a woman and is exposed to everything she was exposed before the change. The introduction of the term “gender” exacerbates sex, as we see in Explanation and the following articles.

And that is pure gender theory, as we know from the corresponding non-scientific literature.

2. Item 53. Explanatory Report to the Istanbul Convention (I have emphasized the bold text and the line):

“Women may still experience discrimination by law enforcement agencies or judiciary when applying gender-based acts of gender-based violence. Similarly, homosexual, lesbian and bisexual victims of domestic violence are often excluded from support services for their sexual orientation. Certain groups of individuals may experience discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which simply means that the gender they identify is not in line with the gender they have been assigned at birth.

These include categories of individuals such as transgender or transgender persons, transvestites and other groups of persons who do not match what the company has found to belong to “male” or “female” categories.

3. In Art. 4 , which prohibits discrimination, lists human features that do not discriminate against people and include, among other things, “sex” and “gender” – separately.

By the step-by-step approach, gender has become gender, although “social construct” has never existed in that sense (but only in grammatical and taxonomic terms) and there is absolutely no objective scientific evidence that it is a scientifically determined natural phenomenon.

Here are the sexes and genres of two different phenomena that both need to be protected from discrimination, right?

But that’s not all! The same article (on non-discrimination) also lists “sexual orientation” and “gender identity”. What is it, at once – a gender identity? What is “sexual orientation”? What are the notions of the Istanbul Convention – Gender, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity?

4. Article 14 , Education, the Istanbul Convention enters into Croatian schools, as it states: “Paragraph 1 The Parties shall take appropriate steps to provide teaching materials on issues such as equality between women and men, non-stereotypical gender roles , mutual respect, non-violent conflict resolution in personal relationships, gender-based violence against women, and the right to personal integrity, adapted to the developmental abilities of students, are included in a regular curriculum at all levels of education. ”

The article in the Istanbul Convention introduces gender ideology into Croatian schools, “at all levels of education”, does not it? With the ratification of the Istanbul Convention at school, at all levels (hence in kindergarten), are imposed – and – “nontrootypical gender roles”? “Nestereotype gender roles” are homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transvestite (“transgression”), all based on the right to “choice of gender and sexual orientation”.

THE SECOND GROUP MEETS that the Istanbul Convention supersedes and imposes legalization of the introduction of gender ideology is the practice of the judiciary, schools and languages ​​in the countries governed by the Istanbul Convention and its gender ideology.

– It is learned that the human gender is neither male nor female, but is a continuous transition from male to female.

– It is learned that a human being is born sexually neutral and subsequently socializes in a man or woman.

– Adult men and women are only “social constructions”, so this design has to be called gender, and the sexes have more than two, even about 70.

– As far as sex is concerned, it is in the population of people equally distributed from male to female. (That’s my expertise, where is the evidence for it?)

– In every man there is a “gender identity”, but also “gender expression”, uniform in the population of men, distributed from male to female.

– Biological gender does not affect “sexual orientation”, but it is continually distributed among men by homosexuality to heterosexuality.

– Gender orientation is completely independent of biological gender, “gender identity” and “gender expression”.

– For the purpose of “non-discrimination”, the term “mother” and “father” are replaced by the terms “parent 1” and “parent 2” in the gender list.

– In Canada, “zhe” and “zher” are introduced instead of “he” and “her” for those who are neither male nor female.

– In the UK, the term “pregnant woman” is replaced by the term “pregnant person” – because a biological woman can be proclaimed a man, and this “man” can be born, but can hardly be called a mother.

– The Croatian NGO, Zagreb Pride, has already demanded the abolition of male and female toilets and the introduction of only mixed, according to “gender selection”.

– At the Olympics and other international competitions, women are competing with men who are hormonal men (and always win medals).

THE THIRD GROUP RECOGNIZES that the Istanbul Convention directly and abruptly brings gender ideology to our homes; the fact that its text includes measures to control the introduction of gender ideology into the laws, the educational system, sports societies and culture in general.

This international control over the legislation, education and finances of the Republic of Croatia will be conducted by the so-called ” GREVIO (Chapter IX of the Convention). The committee consists of learned, committed and experienced advocates of gender ideology.

To illustrate the power of GREVIO and the mechanisms under which it is controlling the implementation of the Convention, I quote some of the Istambul Convention:

… GREVIO can receive information on the implementation of the Convention from non-governmental organizations and civil society, as well as from national human rights institutions.

… If GREVIO receives reliable information pointing to a situation where problems require immediate attention to prevent or limit the scope or number of serious violations of the Convention, it may request the urgent submission of a special report on the measures taken to prevent a serious, comprehensive or persistent form of violence against women.

… GREVIO may designate one or more of its members to conduct the investigation and report to GREVIO urgently.

With such an international treaty, such as the Convention and the surveillance system as defined in the Convention, there is no way to prevent anything from genetic ideology as unscientific and harmful, does it not?

Mr. Plenković, by imposing the ratification of the Istanbul convention and the gender ideology it brings, communist “verbal delict” is translated into the term “hate speech” for this time, according to the criteria of gender ideology.
So too, as a man who has been studying the human body and its functions for half a century, punish me if I say there are two sexes and that there are aberrations – aberrations. I appreciate in advance that you will read and study these arguments and, following the European standards, to inform the public of the fact that at EU level the term gender is not separated from gender and that we have male and female gender and male and female gender.

The gender concept, separated from sex, which brings the IK is neither harmonized nor scientific, and thus constitutes the imposition of gender ideology on Croatian society.

With respect,
professor emeritus Matko Marušić; Split
March 17, 2018



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V4 Report

Radical EU federalists (Verhofstadt at the ALDE Group) and Green Marxists are now attacking Hungary 🇭🇺 and its people over their free decision to elect Viktor Orban.

Slovakia’s 🇸🇰 new PM stands up to defend Hungary and Visegrad. He is new but off to a strong start.

It’s time for Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 to repudiate Guy Verhofstadt and the multicult extremists at ALDE by terminating his association with this extremist group, which has very little in common with the beliefs of the Czech people.* Slovakia 🇸🇰: “Respect the results''. New Slovakian PM Peter Pellegrini defends Visegrad and blasts EU extremists, who are calling for sanctions on Hungary 🇭🇺 after Viktor Orbán’s convincing victory.

** The EU Parliament has turned into a kindergarten playground, full of juvenile brats screaming for attention. They neither respect the Hungarian people, nor do they speak for the mainstream of Europe. Does one need any more evidence of the Open Society’s influence over Brussels?

- Peter Pellegrini called out the European Union after it was suggested the bloc impose voting sanctions on Hungary following the victory of eurosceptic Viktor Orbàn.

Mr Pellegrini told Bloomberg: "I think Hungary is our neighbouring country and I have to say we should not comment on what is going on there because we speak a lot in Brussels about the rule of law.”

"We need to respect democracy and everything. In Hungary there were democratic elections and it is the decision of the Hungarian people and we have to respect the results."

- Last week a draft report from the European Parliament suggested the institution could seek to impose sanctions on Hungary due to "systematic threats to democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights."

Judith Sargentini, the MEP charged with the report, said: "It is shocking how many warning have been given since 2010. The time for issuing warnings has passed. We need to stand up for the Hungarian people whose rights have been undermined by their government."

Miss Sargentini is a Dutch politician and member of the radical, far-left GreenParty of the EU Parliament. The Hungarian people are not looking for Green Party extremists like her to “stand up for them”. In fact, Hungarians elected Viktor Orban to defend their country from Cultural Marxists such as Sargentini, who not only fail to grasp reality but also suffer from delusions of grandeur.

The liberal media and EU Parliament are embarrassing themselves and pushing Central Europeans into a corner. Whining and crying about elections that do not produce the results one wishes for is one thing, but trying to punish a people and nation for electing the leaders they wish to represent them is small, unbecoming and reprehensible.

This is no longer something to be “brushed-off” as a disagreement. With this threat and the obnoxious tactics designed to intimidate independent nation states for not voting as the EU pleases, Brussels is declaring war on Hungary and Visegrad. Others in Central Europe cannot remain silent; they will be next.

Pellegrini may not be perfect, but, in our opinion, he is off to a strong start. He realizes the long-term consequences of this poison emanating from Brussels. We applaud his actions to defend his fellow Visegrad neighbor.

- At some point, Visegrad and others in CEE must realize that their culture and values are totally at odds with the ultra-left beliefs of Brussels, Berlin and the leaders of the Western EU bloc. While countries are free to disagree, it crosses the line when one party seeks to impose their beliefs on another party which rejects them.

A “Project” relegated to using force, blackmail and threats to desperately hold a union together will collapse. The future is not the EU, it is too big and its members are too divided. EU solidarity is dead and it’s time to move on.

The future will consist of smaller, less intrusive regional alliances that better reflect the beliefs, traditions and values of its people. It is no longer a question of if......but when.

Following the elections in Austria, Hungary and Italy, the EU has revealed its true colors: The Society of Brussels is not interested in solidarity; rather, they seek submission and domination.

The Battle for the Soul of Europe rages on.....right here and right now. Onward Visegrad! It’s time to take off the gloves.

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Radical EU federalists (Verhofstadt at the ALDE Group) and Green Marxists are now attacking Hungary 🇭🇺 and its people over their free decision to elect Viktor Orban. 

Slovakia’s 🇸🇰 new PM stands up to defend Hungary and Visegrad.  He is new but off to a strong start.

It’s time for Andrej Babis of the Czech Republic 🇨🇿 to repudiate Guy Verhofstadt and the multicult extremists at ALDE by terminating his association with this extremist group, which has very little in common with the beliefs of the Czech people.

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