V4 Report: Austria.Sebastian Kurz continues hardline stance against Turkey’s Recep Erdogan

V4 Report: Austria.Sebastian Kurz continues hardline stance against Turkey’s Recep Erdogan

V4 Report: Austria 🇦🇹. Sebastian Kurz continues hardline stance against Turkey’s Recep Erdogan: “I am determined to stop such Turkish campaign appearances in our country. They are incompatible with our understanding of democracy.”

Not surprisingly, EU Minister Ömer Çelik defended Erdogan and criticized the Netherlands’ “undemocratic” decision to follow Austria’s lead to ban Turkish politicians from campaigning for the upcoming snap elections in Turkey, accusing both countries of hypocrisy.

An EU Minister accusing others of “hypocrisy”? The EU seems to reach new “lows” on a daily basis.

** Kurz also opposes membership and “visa-free” status for Turkey. We believe Kurz is off to a strong start on many issues and is quickly establishing himself as one of the three key leaders in Central Europe.

Unlike Emmanuel Macron of France 🇫🇷, Kurz comes across as a sincere and natural leader who has a firm grasp of reality. There is nothing phony or artificial about the young but confident Chancellor of Austria.

– The chancellor said such campaign appearances must be announced at least one week in advance and can then be prohibited “when opinions are expressed at events that contradict the understanding of democracy in Austria”, as is often the case with Erdogan and his ministers.

Kurz wants to make clear from the outset that an import of Erdogan’s pseudo-election campaign to Austria is not welcome: “I firmly reject the interference of Turkish politics in the internal affairs of other states. The Turkish leadership has been trying for years to exploit Turkish communities, especially in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. This will bring conflicts from Turkey to the EU. I want to stop that as chancellor. Turkish campaign appearances in Austria are undesirable and we therefore no longer allow them. If Erdogan or his ministers are planning campaign appearances in Austria, it should be realized very clearly that we would not accept this interference.”

Onward Kurz!