Poland pledges to veto sanctions against Hungary.

Poland pledges to veto sanctions against Hungary.

* Poland pledged to veto any attempt to impose sanctions on Hungary after the European Parliament voted to censure Budapest for “alleged” breaches of the EU’s so-called “core values”.

The European Parliament voted to back a controversial “report” written by a left-wing Dutch Green MEP that accused Hungary of threatening the rule of law by hampering press and academic freedoms, requiring disclosure of NGO funding and denying rights to minorities and migrants.

What did one expect from a pro-migration, Green Party activist who despises Viktor Orban?

Poland said that it viewed the move against Hungary “with concern”.

“Every member state of the EU has the sovereign right to carry out internal reforms as it deems appropriate,” Poland’s foreign ministry said.

“Actions directed against member states only serve to deepen the divisions within the EU, increasing the current lack of trust of citizens in European institutions. Poland will vote in the forums of the European institutions against potential sanctions against Hungary.”

** One must remember that the EU Parliament is somewhat of a circus show. This vote only involved MEPs, not the leaders of the nation states themselves, which is an entirely different story.

Even before Poland would exercise its veto, the EU would have to secure YES votes from 80% (22 of 27) of the nation states to proceed. Similar to the situation with Poland, the V4 Report does not believe Brussels has the necessary votes to proceed with Hungary.

For example, Donald Tusk loyalists and MEPs from the opposition (PO) in Poland may have voted to “censure” Hungary in the EP, but the governing party (PiS) will vote NO in this next round.

*** Regardless, the EU remains bitterly divided not only regarding migration but over the values and beliefs that will define Europe in the future.

Chief among those pits those who believe in an EU superstate versus those who believe in the European nation states.

Can the two competing camps remain united in one Union? We do not believe so…the divisions are just too deep.