In Croatia, the forests come alive with migrants.

In Croatia, the forests come alive with migrants.

In Croatia, the forests come alive with migrants.

During a military exercise in Slunj, the soldiers make another discovery…as twenty migrants hiding in the forest, mistakenly believing they are under fire, come running out of the woods.

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– A military demonstration conducted in Slunj, which consisted of 1100 soldiers and 80 armed systems (tanks, armored vehicles, mortars, helicopters and aircraft), completed the most complex military exercise conducted in Croatia since the War of Independence.

But what happened in Slunj will be remembered for a long time by the soldiers. One of them confirmed that during the exercise, masses began to strike out of the surrounding forests….migrants.

“They were scared. They thought we were shooting at them. There were about twenty. We handed them over to the military police. We do not know what was going on with them,” testified one of the participants of the military exercise.

The case was also heard by HRT reporter Edi Škovrlj, who followed the exercise. This confirms that forests in the area of ​​Lika, Gorski kotar and Kordun are full of migrants. This is also the case from Mrkopalj.

On Mrkopalj’s Parish Chronicle of Facebook, there were photographs taken by someone during the weekend during their walk in nature. An unknown person was expecting a quiet and relaxed weekend, but the scene she found in the middle of the forest did not leave her indifferent.

On a grassy shore, she found dozens of migrants lying on their blankets and sleeping bags with their belongings and luggage arranged on the ground.

* The V4 Report posted this story last week, but the linked article below contains more pictures and details.

With Greece transferring more migrants to the mainland – instead of sending them back to Turkey – the pressure will continue on countries such as Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

Greece may have its own definition of EU solidarity (waving-through aggressive male migrants to others), but this is a big problem and is exposing all of Europe.

While Germany presents useless solutions, such as exchanging migrants with Greece, the European nation states will need to work around Merkel to seal off the Greece border to put pressure on its leaders to send “all irregulars” back to Turkey.

If Greece needs help sealing the border and sending the migrants back to Turkey, others would be more than willing to provide assistance.

However, the leaders of Greece and Frontex have apparently chosen another path. In addition, Frontex has also signed agreements with Albania and Macedonia, two states that could help seal the migrants in Greece. This is not good.

Many pro-migration forces, such as EU Migration Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos of Greece, want to expand the role of Frontex to help “manage” migration.

We think the opposite and only believe Frontex will be utilized as a tool to facilitate mass migration and to handcuff nations from properly securing their borders.

Just say NO to more Frontex.

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