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Turkey and Saudi Arabia: Time to confront Twin Towers of Terrorism

Latest news has Turkey shooting down a Russian jet. There is dispute over the circumstances.Erdogan of Turkey claims the Russian plane crossed into their air space and was warned "repeatedly". Putin denies this and says the plane was operating over Syrian soil, and secu ...
Refugees and Multiculturalism…. and the Blowback in France, Germany and Belgium

Refugees and Multiculturalism…. and the Blowback in France, Germany and Belgium

{Update to original post: Recently, we have witnessed numerous acts of terror in Western Europe - including London, Sweden, France, Belgium and Germany. However, it is not only the acts of terror that have put Europe on the edge. There have been many sexual assaults an ...
Merkel Era over?  A New Force emerges from the East

Merkel Era over? A New Force emerges from the East

*Update to original article below posted Nov/2015.  Since then we have witnessed the Cologne sexual attacks and the Brussels terrorist bombing. I was six months early, but original article is a gem and is relevant today as Merkel's EU will again push for "refugee quotas ...

Merkel delegates EU security to Turkey’s Erdogan

      Angela Merkel has become so desperate that she is now bribing Turkey, a nation with a network of some 25,000 smugglers, to help bail her out of the migrant mess.  Basically, she is outsourcing the EU's responsibility of securing its external bo ...

Saudi Arabia, Middle East need to clean up own house before they lecture West

***Update.  Below article was written Nov 2015 in regards to dealing with Erdogan. I remain convinced Europe has greater leverage over his economy than he does over their borders; after all, the EU could do what normal countries do and protect their borders themsel ...
Merkel and EU Solidarity means German Diktats

Merkel and EU Solidarity means German Diktats

Solidarity seems to be the word of the day for Angela Merkel and the EU.  We are told all of Europe must contribute...but to what?  Controlling the borders, deporting those economic migrants that do not belong, disrupting smugglers, creating "hot spots", etc.? These ...

Greece & Merkel: Time to look in the Mirror

         Greece is undoubtedly the scene of chaos and human tragedy.  No one wishes to see desperate people die making dangerous journeys.  Every one can agree, it is heartbreaking.  But the leaders of Greece and Germany and their ...

Beware: New ideas from Greece and Merkel

10-30-15News from Europe:1.  Germany, overwhelmed, now says the economic migrants from the Balkans and Afghanistan must go home or be deported.2.  Greece, who for the last two years has surrendered the borders to just about anyone, now wants to establish check ...

Merkel’s new idea: 500,000 migrants per year from Turkey

*Updated Feb. 14.  As I predicted months ago in original article, Merkel is about to make another colossal mistake.  She is now trying to seal a deal with tyrant Recep Erdogan of Turkey.  Merkel spins it as turning "illegal migration into legal migration" ...
What Merkel EU can learn from Eisenhower on deportation

What Merkel EU can learn from Eisenhower on deportation

Angela Merkel, the EU, and Jean-Claude Juncker need to be challenged on the false claim that borders cannot be sealed and migrants cannot be stopped.  With will backed by fortitude, they can and one example comes from  a man of courage who actually helped save Europe... ...
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V4 Report

* Hungary 🇭🇺: Will there be a Christian Europe? Brilliant and important speech by Viktor Orban.

** Speech delivered in Hungarian with English subtitles.Brilliant and important speech by the Hungarian President, Viktor Orban. Perhaps the most important statesman on Earth today in terms of the preservation of ...
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It will ... if catholic and orthodox hug each other


Köszönöm Miniszterelnök úr! Ez igazi "tökös", magyar beszéd volt!!!

Good and true speech. We V4 nations and other CEE nation states have to stay together more then ever before in our histories! Only united can we save our countries. We have a common enemy which wants to destroy the nation states and settle from foreign and different cultures imported people in to our countries. Stay together! Together we are strong and invincible!

Without Britain France and Germany!!!

Europe is Christian and always will be. Islam is a fake religion. It was created by cat"holy"cism. The term "allah" in hebrew ala' mean curse. 1.)If you want to save Europe and / or your country please dont spend your freetime in front of the television with its vicious content. 2.) Marry and settle down! Give a new european life! 3.) Protect Christianity, your family, and white people with arm at all cost Europe is European!

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