Poland Warns Merkel To Keep Migrants in Germany from Crossing Border to attend Polish Festivals.

Poland Warns Merkel To Keep Migrants in Germany from Crossing Border to attend Polish Festivals.

July 28, 2017

* Poland : Poland does not want the help of German services at this years Woodstock Festival, highlighting the “demographic situation”.

– The event’s organizer provoked trouble by inviting Germany’s migrants to cross the Polish border to attend. In the end, the festival takes place literally four kilometers from the German border. The V4 Report posted our opinions on this situation weeks ago. Both Poland and the Czech Republic must not allow the mayhem in Germany – derived from Merkel’s negligent decisions – to spill over to their countries.

– However, this year, the fire brigade under the Ministry of Interior and Administration did not want help from colleagues from abroad. As the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper wrote last week, the reason was the “terrorist threat” and the lack of security of the German services. The guards simply stated that they would call for help “in a crisis”.

– Poland did ask the Germans for border protection for obvious reasons. Festivals in Germany, including one last week that we detailed on these pages, have been tainted with sexual assaults and violent attacks on police committed by groups of young men with immigrant and migrant backgrounds.

– Jakub Skiba, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Interior and Administration, already answered Woidke’s post and sent a letter. He emphasized that the festival was “held in Poland and subject to Polish law”. “I would like to express my concern about the size of the political and international issue that remains the responsibility of national services,” the letter reads.

– The Deputy Minister also asked the German side to provide “adequate border protection standards” during the festival.
“It is important to exclude the risk of possible movement of persons generating terrorist threats to the Polish side due to the social and demographic situation in the German border regions in the context of the current migration crisis,” the letter reads.

Unlike the government in Germany, the leaders of Poland refuse to expose their citizens to the types of dangers that are tolerated by Angela Merkel and others in Germany. The government in Poland adheres to a higher standard and once again has courageously defied political correctness to answer the bell for their people.

Onward Poland, Onward V4. Lead the way!