Pushbacks becoming the new normal in Europe

Pushbacks becoming the new normal in Europe

Pushbacks becoming the new normal in Europe; the open-border activists and lefties at the New Humanitarian will have to get used to it. There is little they can do about it.

Yes, ‘there has been a real shift in the political discourse.’ Merkel’s grand experiment has been a catastrophe for all of Europe, including the Balkans. People have had enough of seeing their neighborhoods turned upside down and are starting to take things into their own hands.

They are not refugees but aggressive male illegals looking to abuse a weak and naive EU. It is in the best interests of the nation states to support Greece, Croatia and Hungary in regards to the pushbacks at the border…all benefit from denying entry.

If BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and others are willing, it is much better for EU states to provide funds and logistics to help them deport the migrants out of Europe instead of wasting money trying to appease Turkey. After all, these illegals in the Balkans do not want to stay there; instead, they have their sights on the EU.

The big obstacle is Brussels, which wants to “enhance solidarity” by providing the funds to help manage mass migration and to develop monitoring systems in Croatia and Greece to prevent the pushbacks.The V4 Report will say it again: The EU is incapable and unwilling to stop migration; the nation states will have to push Brussels aside in order to work together to tackle this problem.

It will not be easy but the first step is to finally realize that Brussels and Frontex are a big part of the problem.