Slovenia targeted by illegals from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Slovenia targeted by illegals from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Slovenia targeted by illegals from Afghanistan and Pakistan.


72 illegals (52 Afghans) and three smugglers were caught in three separate incidents over the weekend trying to enter or cross Slovenia without the required documents.


Where did they enter Europe from? 🤔


  1. 42 illegals were apprehended on Friday near the town of Podgorje together with their “guide” (not our words), a 21-year-old Kosovo citizen, who was placed in detention.


  1. On Saturday, a 44-year-old citizen of Ukraine was pulled over in the same area transporting 18 Pakistani citizens. He is also in detention.


  1. Early on Sunday morning, the police stopped a van near the town of Koseze in which a 23-year-old Ukrainian citizen was driving 12 Pakistani citizens.


* Let us guess:  The smugglers are in detention but the illegals will not be deported.

This is not how one establishes a deterrent for future illegals; others see success (illegals allowed to remain in Europe) and smugglers are a dime a dozen.


– Moreover, on July 16th, a Slovenian Administrative Court found that the national police force carried out an illegal collective expulsion of an illegal who wanted to apply for asylum in Slovenia. The court cited so-called chain push-backs, where illegals are handed from one border authority to the next one and pushed-back through several countries.


The judgement found “sufficiently reliable reports on possible risks from the point of view of Article 3 of the ECHR” (Council ofvEurope Court) in both Croatia and BiH as well.


* Yes, one that passes through several safe states is not a refuge but an illegal alien. The chain deportations back to point of entry are a must…which just adds to the multiple reasons why Slovenia, Croatia and other states must exit the Council of Europe (COE) to end its Court’s jurisdiction.


The COE is an obstacle to national security and its Court handcuffs nation states from properly defending its territories.


** But everything is great now in the EU since the Council passed the Recovery Plan and its big money grab (more EU, more debt and first step towards a shared budget). 😉