So the EU is not #1?

So the EU is not #1?

So the EU is not #1? 🙃

Obviously, it was preposterous for the EU to even try to claim this, especially if the von der Leyen Commission is the best they have got.

Poland’s deputy foreign minister slams the EU’s policy on joint purchases of Covid-19 vaccines, says it should be rethought.
“The EU turned out to be not as effective once again” as the countries which made purchases independently.

The slow rate of vaccinations in EU countries compared to those outside the bloc, and rumors of member states breaking ranks by buying vaccines independently, have raised question marks over the EU’s procurement procedure.

“I think that the entire policy of the European Union towards the joint procurement of vaccines requires deep reflection and we can already see today that there is widespread dissatisfaction throughout the EU with how it has been done,” Pawel Jablonski told Polish radio.

Ursula von der Leyen, in the V4 Report’s opinion, is as phony as they come…and very insecure. The entire EU bureaucracy is obsessed with spin, always trying to seek relevancy by trying to discredit the nation-states and trying to prove that Europe would not survive without the EU Commission.

In the end, the Commission is not well-respected outside of Brussels..and often ends up creating a bigger problem.

It’s a meddling layer that Europe could do without and needs much less of.—dep-fm-19188?fbclid=IwAR2chGf0kbqnvq4RN_buw39TzUYQC1flEXyDQ4kc0JjI3XHMRFq5UITHLGs