Von der Leyen Commission is as bad as Team Juncker.

Von der Leyen Commission is as bad as Team Juncker.

Von der Leyen Commission is as bad as Team Juncker.

FYI: The V4 Report is now having posts critical of EU Commissioner Vera Jourova taken down…two within the past 12 hours.

We have also noticed in the past that posts challenging her have been suppressed. Interesting. 🤔

Outrageous! Hungary and Poland betrayed…by Andrej Babis at Macron’s Renew Europe Group.

We realize she is only in her position as a EU “gender quota”, but is she that weak that she cannot debate or defend her positions?

Andrej Babis can never atone for this mistake by appointing her. She perhaps is the worst of all the Commissioners, especially considering she hails from a V4 country.

Babis had an opportunity to offer positive change for the region, but instead chose to appease Guy Verhofstadt and his Renew Europe family by supporting Jourova.

Jourova is a pro-Soros, LBGT+/gender nonsense extremist that is a virtual clone of Frans Timmermans. She was right beside his side when he attacked Poland and Hungary.

Jourova is not a fan of free and open debate, going so far as to suggest that a post by Matteo Salvini critical of aggressive migrants (harassing a young girl in Italy) should have been deleted within 24 hours.


* This spin campaign is “over the top” by some regarding the “new” von der Leyen Commission. She is not the Patron Saint of Visegrad…and reality should not be hidden to score political points at home.

This Commission is as bad as the Team Juncker. Besides Jourova, big Frans Timmermans is still there…plus the “portfolios” (EU bribes) for migration and this “EU way of life” charade were assigned to another Eurocrat from Greece and multicult advocate from Sweden…not exactly who one wants defining the European way of life.

And last but not least, the almost-impossible odds of finding someone worse than Donald Tusk and Manfred Weber were realized. How is this even possible?

Sir Charles Michel of Belgium will replace Tusk at EUCO. Michel is “out there”…even bringing down his own government over his obsessive devotion to the UN Migration Compact. Michel has suggested that the V4 states should be expelled from Schengen over their refusal to accept EU migrant quotas.

At the EU Parliament, in a “show” election where the outcome was already predetermined by the three EU establishment parties, a Socialist from Italy (some obscure, anti-Salvini hack) David Sassoli was “elected” to President of the EU Parliament.

** If the von der Leyen Commission is considered a “victory” for Visegrad, then the bar needs to be raised…in major ways.

What was accomplished after the last EU elections…Salvini was abandoned when it mattered; as a result, the League was allowed to be blackballed by the EPP, Renew Europe and the Socialists.

Time for a new game plan for conservatives on the right and defenders of the nation states…the status quo is a failure.