👍 Greece mobilizes triple play at border:

👍 Greece mobilizes triple play at border:

👍 Greece mobilizes triple play at border:

(1) blocks 35,000 migrants since the launching of ‘Operation Erdogan’ last week.

(2) plans to deport arrivals after March 1, as it prepares to deport hundreds of others who made it through.

(3) bans most vessels from sailing around the Aegean islands of Chios, Lesbos and Samos. They are all close to the Turkish coast and a regular target for dinghies packed with migrants trying to enter the EU.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Interior Minster (or should we say Propaganda Minister), Suleyman Soylu, announced the deployment of 1,000 special police to the area to halt the pushback of migrants toward its territory.

Soylu, who said on Wednesday that Turkey was preparing a case at the European Court of Human Rights over Greece’s treatment of migrants, accused Greek forces of wounding 164 people and pushing back nearly 5,000 into Turkey.

Yes, Turkey and the aggressive illegal migrants from Afghanistan are models for humanity and such reliable sources. 🤨😉

* Where is Greece supposed to push back the illegals to…if not back to where they came from?

Another strong day for the new government, but hopefully it understands that this is a long term battle. Granting entry, whether by land or sea, encourages the migrants to seek EU, while denying entry snuffs the demand. In addition, others – such as France, Germany, Finland, etc. – need to understand that the migrants (even the ones who also crossed earlier) must be deported outside of Europe…and not resettled in the EU.

Again, the EU Commission, Parliament and Brussels can best help by remaining on the sidelines as far as the operations. They do not need to question the logistics or procedures behind Greece’s methods or policies, such as suspending asylum applications. This is a national security issue.

Where can Brussels be of use? They can organize a deportation manifesto directed at the countries which refuse to take back their citizens. All “collective” EU foreign aid (including non-monetary privileges aimed directly at the leaders) would be withheld from the country of origin, in addition to other possible economic sanctions if necessary. Moreover, Europe must cease this weak attitude of allowing themselves to be held hostage by others or outdated and unenforceable declarations of the past.

With today’s super technology and some old-school detective work, it is not too difficult to discover a migrant’s country of origin, even without identification. Frontex does not stop illegal migration, but it does seem to know where the migrants come from.

In the end and after the experiences of 2015, Europe has no other choice but to send the illegals back, using whatever means necessary, to the countries of origin. How Pakistan or Cameroon deals with its returned citizens is not Europe’s issue.