11,000 migrants are found in the EU with forged documents.

11,000 migrants are found in the EU with forged documents.

11,000 migrants are found in the EU with forged documents.

This the tip of the iceberg..how many slipped through without being detected?

* Europe has major issues, but first and foremost is the unwillingness to deport the illegals outside of Europe. In contrast, Erdogan has the will and deports without consent of the country of origin, which is the correct way.

Until this happens in mass quantities, Europe will remain a slave to the actions of others. In fact, without this, Europeans will eventually be forced to adapt to the “way of life” of the new arrivals.

Does one like what they see in Afghanistan?

– Concerns about the passport-free Schengen area were laid bare as figures revealed 11,000 migrants were found with forged documents last year having already gained access to Europe.

As well as helping migrants to reach the EU, the report said that a burgeoning black market had developed to help illegal immigrants achieve citizenship once they had gained entry.

Tactics used by so-called ‘facilitators‘ in countries such as Spain, France and Italy include the supply of forged papers, arranging fake marriages and coaching migrants on how to ‘abuse‘ asylum measures.

Officials warned the prevalence of fake documents posed a ‘serious threat to the security of the EU‘ and highlighted the continued risk posed by IS fighters returning to Europe.

The report also drew attention to the Berlin Christmas market terror attack last year which was carried out by a failed asylum seeker found in possession of several fake documents.

The scale of the problem was further shown by the detection of 7,000 migrants carrying fake documents, predominantly at airports, before reaching the EU.

* Of course, Frontex conducted the report. The stats are nice to know, but Frontex is still assisting with “rescues” in Greece. What is the agency doing to deport the illegals outside of Europe?