160 more Bangladeshi migrants returned home from Libya

160 more Bangladeshi migrants returned home from Libya

But this is a small piece to a much bigger story.

This is exactly what the UN, EU, NGOs, and government of Germany should be solely focused on…safely returning the migrants home.
This is the blowback to years of failing to take tough action when it was needed…from the very start. We have no doubt that without the EU and its ‘solidarity’ themes that this crisis would not have morphed into the absolute chaos one sees today. Frontex turned out to be useless number counters, even participating in ‘rescues’ instead of defending borders.
The nation-states would have been forced and able (without EU values or chains) to do what was necessary to protect themselves, which would have produced a natural ‘domino effect’ to protect all of Europe.
Relocation to Europe must be taken off the menu; it has already attracted more illegals and will continue to do so with disastrous consequences for all.

These groups mentioned above (plus the open border in Italy, which Draghi could care less about) negligently lured the migrants to the hell-hole of Libya for the sole purpose of reaching the rich EU. Without Italy’s open entry to Europe, the migrants would not be stuck in Libya today.
Although they will blame others instead of taking responsibility, deep down, they also know who is responsible for the drownings.

Parts of France are exploding and civil unrest is on the horizon. Gangs are now attacking the police; lines have been crossed.
The multicult, progressive experiment of Western Europe has failed, as many predicted years ago.
The migration crisis cannot be managed in an orderly way, as some Eurocrats fantasize about. It is too late. At some point, self-preservation with drastic measures will be needed to reverse the carnage that has built up over decades.
Yet, the EU is now pontificating about futile voluntary returns; Eurocrats just have no grasp of reality. Forced, mass deportations out of Europe are a must.
This sounds tough, but the alternative is a very dark scenario that one does not want to wake up to once it’s too late.
Ask France.

France will be the preview and examples of what to avoid. Hungary will be the model, proving once again that the best defense is an aggressive offense that takes action to control events… instead of allowing events to control Hungary.