👍 Poland stands firm at border, as aggressive illegals from alien cultures attempt to storm the border.

👍 Poland stands firm at border, as aggressive illegals from alien cultures attempt to storm the border.
👍 Poland stands firm at border, as aggressive illegals from alien cultures attempt to storm the border.
But a few things need clarified.
* The illegals were repelled…and the Polish government continues to defend its territory and people. Unlike 2015, when Greece, Austria, Italy and others embraced EU solidarity and followed the lead of Germany, the PiS government wisely rejected the involvement of EU Frontex agents, who would attempt to discourage the type of action (pushbacks) necessary to defend one’s border.
So first and foremost, the Polish response has been magnificent at the border.
Yet, there is another disturbing EU/neocon narrative starting to creep-in. The EU and others are now attempting to distort the real and root cause of this invasion, which can be traced back to the reckless actions of Angela Merkel and the EU in 2015.
Despite the EU rhetoric, the illegals are not the victims, but the root cause of many problems.
The EU Commission is trying to distort this illegal migrant crisis in Poland to deflect attention away from the main threat 👉 aggressive males from alien cultures, who not only pay big money to enable the smugglers…but also provide foreign leaders, like Erdogan and Lukashenko, with the leverage to abuse a weak EU.
Merkel’s 2015 migration manifesto set a dangerous precedent, one which has left the EU vulnerable to the actions of others.
** But, regardless of who is sending the illegals, the PiS government of Poland is handling it how it should be handled.
Instead of taking instructions from the EU, Poland has increased its own manpower at the border and is forcefully preventing entry by pushing-back the illegals.
This is a necessity and Poland has acted responsibly and with courage and determination, just like Orban did in 2015.
*** But it was not Lukashenko or some actor in Morocco that created this vulnerability, where foreign leaders use the illegals to blackmail the EU. No, this was established years ago when the EU chose to let the illegals control events.
The proper response needed was missed in 2015 when the EU surrendered its border, allowing Turkey (a NATO member) to flood the EU w-millions of illegals who quickly realized that they would not be deported…and that they were in control. This sent illegals worldwide the message that the EU is open and weak, and to keep coming; thus, giving others leverage to use illegals to blackmail the EU.
Lukashenko has copied Erdogan’s model.
**** Illegals are not the victims here; yet the EU has started to focus on the actions of the leader of Belarus (hybrid war the new slogan) while suggesting the illegals are just innocent bystanders or victims, which is totally preposterous.
Yes, Belarus is escalating the situation, but neither Erdogan (who flooded the EU much more intensity with millions of illegals since 2015) nor Lukashenko (or the smugglers) would have this type of leverage without the behavior of the illegals themselves, who pay big money to get to Europe…regardless of the escort.
The real problem dates back to the initial invasion of 2015, when the EU failed to properly deal with the illegals, setting a dangerous precedent for the future. Even now, the illegals control the EU, which should have deported en masse long ago to establish primacy. Instead, the EU no longer decides who stays and who goes. They have to ask the illegals to leave ‘voluntarily’.
***** The V4 Report is not buying this EU theory that this migrant crisis was designed by Putin….especially considering the actions of a NATO member (Turkey) in 2015. It is not Erdogan or Lukashenko who have enabled the illegals; rather, the illegals and a weak EU Commission have enabled these foreign agitators to acquire the leverage necessary to threaten the EU.
If the neocons are looking for the root cause of today’s crisis, they can go back to the decisions of 2015. The EU had a choice to take action to control events (only Orban took the right action) but instead surrendered and allowed the illegals to control them. Soon, Turkey, Belarus, Morocco etc learned how to use the illegals to attack the EU.
Bottom line: Never, never outsource border security to a third power. As Poland is showing today, there are no excuses: one cannot control the actions of another, but they can take action (pushbacks, deny entry) to control their own destiny.
On the contrary, instead of sealing borders and pushing back from the start, most EU plebe states followed Merkel in 2015….Now dictators & illegals “manage” and control the EU.
👉 The EU refuses to defend its own borders, even tries to outsource border security to others, then refuses to forcefully deport illegals out of Europe even if not legal..and it wonders why ruthless foreign regimes are able to use illegals to abuse this woke EU project. EU has no respect.
This migrant crisis will continue so long as the EU continues to welcome the illegals instead of denying entry and deporting them out of Europe en masse.
Until the illegals are stopped and deported, the EU will always find itself controlled by the actions of others.
Hopefully, the pushbacks working in Greece (today), Hungary and Poland will usher in a new standard for Europe.