29 irregular migrants beaten by Greek soldiers

29 irregular migrants beaten by Greek soldiers

Erdogan’s propaganda rag – the daily Sabah – has run into a problem.

On one hand, they present Turkey as the Patron Saint of migrants while shaking-down a weak EU for more money to provide for their beloved migrants.

Yet, on the other hand, the Daily Sabah complains about the Greek government and pushbacks to “safe” Turkey: “Pushbacks are considered contrary to international refugee protection agreements that say people shouldn’t be expelled or returned to a country where their life and safety might be in danger due to their race, religion, nationality or membership in a social or political group.”

So is the Daily Sabah saying that illegal migrants returned to Turkey are being exposed to a country where their life is in danger? 🤔
The Daily Sabah is contradicting itself in a cheap effort to slander Greece.

Yes, pull them back to where they came from…a safe Turkey. Why would Erdogan complain over such brotherly love? 😉