50 Afghan refugees reach Turkey, 50 die along the way

50 Afghan refugees reach Turkey, 50 die along the way

50 Afghans reach Turkey, but another 50 in the group died along the way. A long article but two things caught our attention.

1. The Afghans are determined to leave and will not be going back voluntarily, regardless of any schemes to pay them to do so. One does not travel (mostly on foot) for 53 days with a 50% chance of survival just to accept a few thousand euros to go back home.

It also tells us that the EU has set a dangerous precedent for all, including the migrants, by not deporting the illegals in any meaningful way from the start. Obviously, if the deportations were forceful, regular, and swift from the start (2015), the correct message would have been sent to prevent future masses of Afghans from seeking Europe.

Why would future illegals endure all the risks and pains if they saw others sent back immediately without their money?
This is not to say that the Afghans would still not leave their country…they would, but surely they would choose a much closer destination than a 53 day trip to Turkey.

Another factor that comes into play is the rich benefits and welcome culture offered by some EU states, especially Germany and Sweden. A lot has to be on the table to travel for 53 days, specifically the likelihood that one will not be sent back and instead will be richly (at least by their standards) provided for.

In short, the EU must start deporting en masse and slashing benefits for everyone’s best interest. Why would anyone – except those NGOs and open-border zealots with an agenda – provide incentives for Afghans to seek Europe under such conditions?

They are doing the same thing by encouraging the illegals to seek Libya as a getaway to Europe. This is not a humanitarian gesture but a death wish…and it’s not beneficial to Europe either.

2. This group, like many others before them, seems determined (at least at first) to stay in Turkey: “We suffered a lot,” said one Afghan. “This is a Muslim country. We want to live and work here.”
This quote is also striking for two reasons. First, many Afghans likely seek Turkey for the very same reasons, only to eventually realize that Turkey is not the paradise they envisioned…and quickly realize the benefits and easy life offered by Germany or the Netherlands.
Suddenly Greece becomes attractive as a bridge to the Balkans and eventually their desired destination in the EU.

Moreover, they are Muslims and want to live in a Muslim country, but Europe is not Muslim..at least not yet.

Are the Eurocrats that naive to think, as the numbers continue to grow, that the new Muslim arrivals will not try to change this? Do the new arrivals want to integrate to accept the norms of a non-Muslim EU state, or do they seek to eventually dominate?

Certain attitudes and past behaviors provide some insight.

The EU is playing a dangerous game with a reckless experiment that will be difficult to dismantle after a certain point.
It can either start deporting in large numbers and slashing economic incentives…or it can risk its future on futile integration schemes. At that point, it is already too late.

Demographics will decide the future. As of today and at this pace, the EU is speeding down the wrong track, headed straight for a clash of civilizations. Only this time the battle will take place on its streets and in its cities.
Good luck with the project…we advise the V4 and CEE states to pursue another course outside the chains of Brussels.