Austria: Troops to Guard Border with Italy

Austria:  Troops to Guard Border with Italy

July 4, 2017

Austria: Austrian troops may stop Italy’s migrants at Brenner Pass. This is not an option; it is a must. This cowardice in the Mediterranean is complete madness….and the negligence of Rome and Brussels is putting all Europeans at risk. Others must take immediate action.

– V4 and CEE leaders have to be shocked at the Italian-EU surrender at the border. As we said before, they will need to take unilateral measures to seal-off the migrants in Italy to prevent the roaming of unknown men from violent cultures.

– The V4 Report has long viewed Austria as a “swing state” within the EU for many reasons, including the internal border security mentioned above. We believe a new coalition of Sebastian Kurz and the FPO will stun Angela Merkel and strengthen the positions of the V4 in October. We remain optimistic that the Austrian elections will be a “game-changer” in Europe. Sebastian Kurz and the FPO need each other at this point to accomplish their migration goals.
Just get it done.

– This is the new reality for the V4 and CEE nations. The EU Project is imploding and cannot be relied upon to protect the safety of Europeans. The CEE nations must continue to build a new coalition of nation states to protect their vital interests from the forced multiculturalism of the West. They must continue to take preventive measures without the input or interference of Brussels.

– Rejecting the migrant quotas from Italy and sealing-off Greece in the Balkans is a good start. Now, they must seal Italy. In addition, they must step-up efforts to target, apprehend and punish the internal “activists” and smugglers trafficking migrants across Europe.

It’s time for the V4 and CEE nations to play some “hardball”.
Onward V4!