A campaign of intimidation emerges in Europe as the UN criticizes Croatia for so-called migrant “push-backs”.

A campaign of intimidation emerges in Europe as the UN criticizes Croatia for so-called migrant “push-backs”.

A campaign of intimidation emerges in Europe as the UN criticizes Croatia ?? for so-called migrant “push-backs”.

There appears to be a coordinated campaign by various international networks to slander and intimidate border police and leaders who take action to stop illegal migration.

The targets so far include Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia and now Croatia. Over the past few months, the V4 Report has posted specific incidents where certain outside groups have unjustly smeared all of these countries. Who will be next?

* As far as “push-backs”, we do not know of any other method to stop illegal migrants from violating one’s border by land. The overwhelming majority of migrants are young males, many quite aggressive and using force themselves. Border police must have the authority and the means necessary to seal the border. This cannot be questioned and they must be supported.

A naive and delusional UN tries to handcuff nation states from securing its borders by claiming “push-backs” are illegal. However, national security must take precedent, whether the UN agrees or not, especially when others make deportation difficult. Once granted entry, the migrants are difficult to expel outside of Europe.

We simply do not believe there is support in Europe to enable the UN to enforce its beliefs regarding the border policy of sovereign nation states. The nation states simply have no other choice but to defy the UN on this issue. In reality, there is little the UN can do besides offering more irrelevant lectures that few pay attention to.

Although Croatia denies the “push-back” allegation, the V4 Report would find its actions not only justifiable but a requirement for national security and the protection of its citizens.

** The UN report regarding so-called “police brutality” is filled with data that cannot be verified and collected mostly through “direct contact with migrants”, who – considering their illegal activities – are not reliable sources.

The Croatian interior ministry said that all UNHCR reports were taken seriously and looked into but that all of the accusations were baseless. Croatian police say that most of the reports were by anonymous individuals without any indication of where or when, some of which were then published in international media, but were thus difficult to verify.

Even PM Andrej Plenkovic, known for his loyalty to Brussels, rejected accusations that police in the country engaged in abuse and violence against migrants on the borders, saying that Croatia has a role defending the EU’s external borders.

*** The campaign of intimidation has begun from various open-border networks trying to weaken the resolve of Italy, Hungary, Poland, Visegrad and other CEE nation states.

This campaign will fail and is not supported by the mainstream in Europe. People now realize just who is fighting to defend their way of life…and who is working to destroy it.