A newborn amongst 80 migrants on a boat in Maltese SAR Zone

A newborn amongst 80 migrants on a boat in Maltese SAR Zone

Malta being tested again. The government must not yield, the country is full and tired of this EU shell game.
Our prediction is they end up in Italy, which is wide-open and granting entry. Unfortunately, one cannot stop the Draghi Unity regime from making reckless decisions.

Two illegal migrant boats with 135 onboard (118 are men) are said to be in Malta waters.

The open-border extremists at Alarm Phone claim they have contacted the Armed Forces of Malta, which correctly refuses to answer to this illegitimate NGO.

Recently, the government of Malta has taken a tougher stand with entries and one cannot blame them given the difficulties with deportations.

Unfortunately, the government of Italy is providing the welcoming, which just encourages more to come.

Salvini and Lega need to free themselves from this ‘controlled opposition’ status to shake things up with Meloni.

The other option for Salvini is to demand the end of the illegal landings as a mandate for his continued participation in government.
Obtaining a face-lift to try to ‘out EU’ the establishment in Italy or anywhere else in Europe is futile and counterproductive.
Lega may even end up shooting their own eyes out.

Something needs to break in Italy.