A symbol of the 2015 Mass migration crisis: We call this ‘Operation Turk’.

MOUNTAINS of orange life-jackets and deflated dinghies that migrants left behind on the beaches of Greece.

Many global hustlers made fortunes and continue to enjoy huge profits from this operation at the expense of Europeans, who have become mere pawns in this multicult experiment. One cannot imagine the huge network behind the scenes supporting mass migration and the destruction of the nation state.

There is something very abnormal with this type of border surrender. How many of these migrants were “waived-through” to others in Europe? Is this what the government of Greece considers “solidarity”?

To this day, the V4 Report remains shocked over the reckless and negligent decisions made by some governments and their unwillingness to secure the borders from the mass wave of aggressive male migrants who flooded Europe.

Absent a permanent and ongoing deportation mechanism, this will have major long-term implications for Europe once the multiplication effect takes its course and full radicalization takes root.

The EU is divided over many issues, but none more than migration. However, given the vast differences in values between the regions, there will be no EU solution. There is not and simply never was any EU solidarity for open-borders, mass migration or rabid multicult.

The EU multicult Project is dead. Brussels never captured the hearts and minds of Visegrad or the CEE region.

Sooner or later, both France and Germany will have to face this reality. One cannot force others to accept “core values” in which they do not believe in, nor can two parties holding such contrasting definitions of Europe remain united under one union.

France’s former president (Hollande) once asked if Visegrad shared and respected the values of Brussels after the V4 rejected the EU migrant quota scheme.

We think his question has been answered…loud and clear.

* Pictures courtesy of BasedPoland on Twitter.