A week of illegal migration along the Slovenian-Croatian border. What exactly is the end game here?

A week of illegal migration along the Slovenian-Croatian border. What exactly is the end game here?

A week of illegal migration along the Slovenian-Croatian border. What exactly is the end game here?

Just scroll down to see where the illegals are coming from.

Apprehensions are not enough. When do the deportations outside of Europe start? Or has this already been accepted as the new normal?

The critical question that nobody seems to be asking or answering: If the migrants will not be deported outside of Europe, where will all of these illegals end up being transferred to?

Obviously, the lack of seriousness in Europe (with the exception of Matteo Salvini and Viktor Orban) is just encouraging more to come. The only solution is to implement an ongoing and permanent mechanism to deport the migrants outside of Europe. Anything less is failure.

What else can one call this but the ‘silent surrender’ of Europe.

– Slovenian police have apprehended 168 illegals over the past week along the border with Croatia. There is an unknown number of those who have managed to escape.

On Monday , Slovenian police stopped three vehicles in Kočevski reki. The drivers tried to escape the police, but they were stopped. Among them were three Indians, nine Pakistanis and one Bangladeshi citizen. All immigrants have been returned to Croatia. Among the arrested drivers is one citizen of BiH and two Slovenians.

The police also captured 16 other illegals, including five Algerians, six Palestinians, two Pakistanis, one Moroccan, a Syrian and a Yemen citizen.

On Tuesday, police in the footsteps of Bulgarian registration found five Afghans, who were hidden in the cargo. They were returned to Croatia and surrendered to border officials.

On the same day, dozens of Iranians, two Iraqis and one Afghan were found in Preloka.

In the attempt to illegally cross the border in Central ob Dravi, four Libyans were also captured on Tuesday, who were walking on the railway line. They all sought asylum in Slovenia.

Three more immigrants were arrested that same evening in Slovenia. Among them were a Palestinian, an Iraqi and an Egyptian.

Slovenian police on Wednesday stopped a vehicle under Croatian registrations run by a 23-year-old Croatian citizen. He tried illegally to transfer 15 migrants at the border crossing Župelevec. There were nine Turks and six Iranians in the van.

A little later on the same day, police caught 20 migrants trying to illegally cross the border. Among them were seven Iraqis, six Afghans, four Tunisians, and an Algerian, Moroccan, and Syrian.

On Thursday, police caught 13 immigrants in the illegal crossing of the border with Croatia. Among them were nine Pakistanis, two Tunisians and two Algerians .

On the same day, Slovenian police, in co-operation with Croatian police officers, found four migrants in two passenger cars of Croatian registrations. All four were Turkish citizens and returned to Croatia. The smugglers were also handed over to the Croatian police.

On Thursday and Friday, officers in the PU Koper area captured 22 migrants. Ten of them asked for asylum in Slovenia and 12 were returned to Croatia. Among them were seven Pakistanis, six Iraqis, six Syrians, and three Algerians .

On Friday, 13 migrants were arrested at the border with Croatia. Among them are nine Pakistanis, one Afghan, one citizen of India, one Algerian and one Tunisian.

During the Sabbath, police caught 12 more migrants in the illegal border crossing. Among them were five Moroccans, two Pakistanis, two Afghans, one Algerian, one citizen of Eritrea and one Syrian.

* And next week?