Actions have consequences: Spain surpasses Italy in migrant arrivals.

Actions have consequences:  Spain surpasses Italy in migrant arrivals.

Actions have consequences: Spain surpasses Italy in migrant arrivals.

Frontex may be impotent at securing the border, but the EU agency is excellent at observing and counting the migrants illegally entering Europe. They may be weak at the border but they are fine accountants.

Data from Frontex and the UN “high commissioners” show migrant arrivals in Spain have surpassed arrivals in Italy this year.

In fact, Spain is now receiving twice as many migrants as Greece and six times as many as Italy.

Why? Matteo Salvini and the Italian government have focused on stopping illegal migration and denying entry. Before the Italian government took action to control events by working with the militias and coast guard in Libya, Italy had been a popular destination with more than 780,000 migrant arrivals since 2009. This has changed dramatically.

On the other hand, the socialist government of Spain has lured the migrants with both words and actions. Spain has offered no resistance at the border and has allowed the smugglers, migrants and NGOs to determine the parameters.

Most of the arrivals in Spain are in the southern region of Andalusia. It is not surprising that Spain is now being flooded given the vast majority of migrants are transported to port by Spain’s maritime rescue service that “intercepts” boats in the Mediterranean Sea. The smugglers, knowing that the NGOs and others will “intervene”, equip the migrants with flimsy rubber boats doomed for failure. These operations persist only because the migrants are then taken to the EU, instead of being pulled-back to a port in Africa.

According to the International Organization for Migration, the migrants come mostly from Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast and Gambia. Few, if any, are refugees.

It is quite visible (Australia, common sense) that if the migrants were denied entry to Europe that the dangerous voyages would stop and the smugglers would be put out of business.

If Sebastian Kurz is serious about finding viable solutions to curtail the migration wave from Africa and the Middle East, he will stop wasting his time with Angela Merkel and Frontex. They are dead ends.

The models for success at stopping illegal migration in Europe are Viktor Orban (land) and Matteo Salvini (sea).