Afghan refugees housed in asylum centre in Zagreb

Afghan refugees housed in asylum centre in Zagreb

EU has exacerbated the invasion. This story from Croatia may seem small but – when multiplied across the bloc over the last six years – one can see how the EU has allowed Europe to be overwhelmed.

Is it too late to reverse the tide to avoid the coming demographic tsunami?

The V4 and CEE states must break away from this political union with the West EU bloc. The EU has no idea how to end this madness; in fact, it does not want to end it. There is no possibility of successfully fighting mass migration within the structures of the EU.
Solutions must come from outside of the bloc.

The EU has been the main problem and has failed Europe on many different levels. Instead of controlling events, the EU is now controlled by the masses. Governments of Italy and Greece have caved, and seem to have accepted their status as EU ‘migrant camp’ states to process illegals to be relocated across the bloc. Only Malta seems to be finally offering some resistance.
BiH is now the ‘non-EU’ migrant camp.

The V4 Report believes 100%, without the EU, that European nation-states would have handled this migration invasion much better…using their rules and their ways to do what was necessary to defend their people and borders. 😉👊 NO WAY👉OUT

It’s a sad state of affairs…and it will only get worse. Cowardice masquerading as tolerance should be the new migration slogan of Brussels.

👉 Illegals from Pakistan and Afghanistan have brought their ethical conflicts with them to Europe. They are now attacking each other…on EU territory.

15 illegal migrants of Afghan origin – who had crossed over from Bosnia-Herzegovina said that while on their way to Croatia they had been attacked in the woods by a group of Pakistanis demanding money and mobile phones from the four men.

In the woods? This cannot give much comfort to Croats, that violent illegals from alien cultures are just roaming the forests and streets.
This is not an isolated event and the migrant attacks on each other are common knowledge. Few believe the outlandish propaganda or claims of the illegals…who claim it is the Croatian police behind the attacks.

Illegal migrants are attacking illegal migrants. Who will be next?

Merkel’s legacy will be remembered as a failure, a shameful period in Europe when others enabled and allowed one leader to hold the entire continent hostage.

While Germany is full of talent and excellent at business, the country is a disaster regarding migration, politics, and foreign affairs. It should stick to trade.