Alarming “visions” from Brussels regarding mass migration

Alarming “visions” from Brussels regarding mass migration

* Jean-Claude Juncker after new row between Visegrad and leaders of Germany/Western Europe over new permanent and ongoing migrant quotas from Africa: “I am not a fan of qualified majority decision-making but it is in the treaty.”

ALDE extremist and EU clerk Vera Jourova of Czech Republic explaining her loyalties: “Open Society values are at the heart of EU action”.

EU Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos has just declared that Brussels has “committed” Europe to mass migration and “Europe’s migrants are here to stay”.

** Alarming “visions” from Brussels. It is imperative and urgent that the CEE states, Visegrad, the Baltics and Austria start building a solid coalition to challenge the EU and Western European states this June over migrant quotas.

Unfortunately, we have absolutely no confidence in the current leaders of Western Europe. They will follow Germany and France like blind sheep and will attempt to force their misguided multicult agenda on Central Europe.

Visegrad cannot be expected to battle alone. We believe Austria will be on board, but the leaders of the Baltics and other CEE nations that comprise the “Three Seas” region must have the confidence and strength to join them in this cause to defend their sovereignty, culture and way of life. They have benefited from Visegrad’s early defiance of Berlin and Brussels; now they must join the fight.

Whether it is EUCO’s attacks directed at Poland or the EU Parliament’s demands on migration, these battles will determine the heart and soul of Europe.

While Martin Schulz and Guy Verhofstadt are quite vocal over their desire to create a “Federal Europe”, the leaders of EUCO, Germany and France are quietly but methodically advocating policies that will force Europe down the same destructive path.

It’s up to the “European” nation states from Central Europe to defy and bury this multicult manifesto.

Will Central Europe answer the bell? We know Visegrad and Austria will. Onward V4!