An EU Army soon? What is the agenda here?

An EU Army soon?  What is the agenda here?

An EU Army soon? What is the agenda here?

EU Parliament President David Sassoli confirmed the Brussels bloc is not excluding the near possibility of an EU army.

After Brexit, EU establishment will be desperate to expand scope to increase powers of Brussels.

Sassoli: “It’s not a given that in the coming future we won’t have something that resembles a European army.

“But Europe has pledged a fundamental thing. We said ‘never again’ to war. So our army will never serve as a war instrument but rather as a support to the international community.

Wow, an EU Army that supports the international community, quite the broad definition ripe for abuse.

– Speaking in Brussels in a joint address with EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and EU Council chief Charles Michel on Britain’s departure from the EU, President Sassoli warned internal forces are trying to bring along the demise of the EU.

He said: “Even within our countries there are people and forces trying to weaken the EU. What is their agenda?”

* While Sassoli searches for mythical scapegoats to deflect blame from Brussels, he may want to examine the obnoxious behavior of the Eurocrats regarding the blocs failures.

The more relevant question: What is his agenda? 🤔