V4 Report: Angela Merkel is furious with the Three Seas Initiative. We would ask why?

V4 Report: Angela Merkel is furious with the Three Seas Initiative. We would ask why?

V4 Report: Angela Merkel is furious with the Three Seas Initiative, especially the efforts of Croatia and Poland. We would ask why?

– The German government, full of delusions of grandeur and obsessed with control, believes there is “something more sinister” behind the announced economic projects of the Three Seas Initiative. Merkel’s definition of “sinister” may be someone else’s definition of freedom.

– Merkel and her Court in Berlin believe the Initiative is an attempt to “divide Europe” and “weaken the influence” of Germany on its neighbors. We have a feeling they are more concerned about the latter. It is interesting to hear Merkel accuse others of “dividing Europe” when her reckless migration policies seem to have done a good job at that already. Vanity often blinds one to reality.

– The V4 Report strongly believes it is extremely vital for the V4 and CEE nation states to build “some form” of a regional coalition to work together to prevent any meddling power from dominating the region again, either by political or economic means. This means Russia from the East, Germany (or Brussels) from the West and an increasingly belligerent Turkey from the South. Some forget about the very volatile and erratic Erdogan.

– This does not entail isolation or hostility, but a desire to control one’s own destiny and to engage with others on an equal basis, and not as “subjects”. The V4 and CEE nation states have a great potential to bring positive change to Europe. Yes, they must cooperate freely with others when merited, but they will also defend their interests when challenged by others – as many did with Brussels regarding the migrant quotas. There is nothing sinister or radical about this Initiative; in fact, it is quite natural and wise to seek self-sufficiency.

– This will not be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but it is a valuable first step towards countering the heavy influence of the German-French coalition in Western Europe. Quite frankly, we are alarmed over Germany’s attitude of viewing the Three Seas Initiative as a challenge to their “influence over their neighbors”. What exactly does this mean? Yes, Germany is an economic machine that cannot be ignored, but their export-dependent economy must keep all avenues of trade open. However, they also need to respect the sovereignty and independence of other nation states. After all, it is not the citizens of Poland or Croatia providing Merkel with election success. They have their own visions. Europe is much more than Angela Merkel and she is not “indispensable”.

We are not sure who decided to crown Germany as the sovereign of Europe? Why is it acceptable for Merkel to proclaim a partnership with France to push their agenda, while she attempts to prevent others from taking action to strengthen their leverage?

The V4 Report will follow this post with a fine summary explanation of the Three Seas Initiative from the editors of the Visegrad Post.

In the meantime, beware of those false prophets in the media and halls of Berlin and Brussels who seek to slander the efforts of the V4 and CEE nation states to increase their regional clout. Many of these same critics are often trying to protect their own interests.

As the state of New Hampshire says, “Live Free or Die”. Onward V4! Stay strong and united.