Angela Merkel wants to redesign Europe in her own image.

Angela Merkel wants to redesign Europe in her own image.

Germany: Angela Merkel wants to redesign Europe in her own image. Berlin, Brussels and the United Nations devise a three-step plan for the EU’s multicult manifesto on migration.

* Part 1. Expand EU Migrant Quota Program to Include New Countries from Africa.

A few weeks ago Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and the UN announced a plan to expand and enlarge the EU’s relocation program to include “persons in refugee-like situations” from additional countries in Africa.

Merkel is following the advice of the UN by seeking to turn illegal migration into legal migration. Over 95% of the migrants from Africa entering Italy are not refugees; they are economic migrants. Therefore, Merkel – confirming Berlin dictates the rules of the EU – will change the definition of a refugee to fit her agenda. Yesterday’s economic migrants from Africa will morph into tomorrow’s inventory of new refugee quotas destined for the EU states. It’s that easy for Angela.

This fits perfectly with the UN-Marxist philosophy of no-borders and a multicultural global village with endless transfers of third world Muslims to Europe.

** Part II. EU Solidarity Bribes.

Angela Merkel and the EU realize that very few countries want the aggressive migrants. Their little quota scheme met stiff resistance and failed miserably. France and Germany are now proposing using EU funds will pay a country 60,000 euros for every migrant they welcome with open arms.

Of course, the bribed government leaders get their EU Gold, while their citizens suffer the consequences of mass Muslim migration from violent cultures. This is not only demeaning, but it lacks integrity and invites blackmail and corruption. Any leader who accepts “euros for migrants” should be vigorously protested in the streets and forced to resign in disgrace.

Yesterday, Merkel’s words confirmed that she alone will decide the definition of EU solidarity and that migrant quotas were at the core. Merkel claimed it was important to show solidarity in dealing with the migration crisis because otherwise there would be no solidarity on other issues in the EU and “that would be bitter for the cohesion of Europe.”

EU Solidarity (Merkel’s diktats) now includes bribing member states to accept euros for migrants. How “low” can the EU Project go?

*** Part III. Harmonizing Welfare Benefits to Migrants.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that social benefits for asylum seekers in Germany were “quite high” and needed be “harmonized” across Europe.

We warned of this scheme several months ago on these pages when a former associate of the Soros Network from Latvia, and now an EU Commissioner, first proposed harmonizing “upwards” the benefits paid to migrants.

The proposal to level the welfare payments to migrants would terminate the migration policies of each nation state. In essence, the Czech Republic and others would be forced to pay the same rich benefits as Germany and Sweden. Obviously, this was designed to try to keep the “asylum seekers” from “migrating” to rich states like Germany. It was quite embarrassing to Brussels that so-called “war refugees” were fleeing safe Baltic and CEE countries for the “golden paradise” of Germany and Sweden.

As always, solidarity is promoted to benefit Germany and to expand the power and scope of Brussels over the nation states. This scheme must be unconditionally defeated at any cost and would be another step towards a Republic of Europe.

After Merkel is reelected, she will become more aggressive in pushing her multicult agenda on Europe. Brussels will continue to expand their powers by slowly crushing the sovereignty, culture and freedoms of the nation state.

Germany, France and Brussels are trying to mold others into mindless sheep to fit their definition of the perfect “EU Man”. They care little for the people of Visegrad. The EU Core is for a different culture that embraces socialism, open-borders and cultural Marxism.

This is not the vision of Visegrad, which values freedom, democracy, tradition and individual thinking. The future of the CEE states are coalitions such as Visegrad and the Three Seas Initiative. This is the Core in which to build a strong and enduring foundation.

Onward V4! Stay strong and united. The EU Project is dead; it’s time to build your own “CEE Core”.