Another border surrender in Italy

Another border surrender in Italy

Another border surrender in Italy: Turning illegal migration into legal migration…EU style.

Meanwhile, Lega and Matteo Salvini are busy with Father Draghi at EU confession…and cleansing their past. 🤨

Italy is becoming an EU migrant camp to process illegals for their ‘grand relocation’ across the EU.

A general amnesty, in our opinion, will come next, as the EU is overwhelmed (purposely) into submission. Without mass deportations or denying entry, what is the other possibility? 🤔

– “Welcome to Europe” were the words that the crew onboard the Aita Mari uttered to 102 illegals on Saturday when they learned that Italy had authorized their disembarkation.

94 of the 102 (92%) passengers were men, the majority from Somalia.

There was immediate applause on board the NGO migrant transfer ship, as could be seen on a video published by the Spanish Maydayterraneo NGO, which charters the Aita Mari.