Another migrant storm brewing?

Another migrant storm brewing?

Another migrant storm brewing?

The UN has warned that deteriorating conditions across Libya are producing more displaced persons.

Maybe, but regardless, it is nonsense to believe that they must be resettled in the EU and not relocated to other parts of Africa instead. Those insisting on relocation to Europe have a very different agenda in mind.

– Estimates of exactly how many migrants are in Libya waiting for a chance to cross the Mediterranean into Europe are unclear, with Libya’s Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj claiming that there are as many as 800,000 and said that just a mere 20,000 are located in various camps in the country.

Others, such as infamous German migrant transport NGO ship captain Carola Rackete, have claimed the number is closer to 500,000. Rackete, who was arrested for aiding illegal migration in Italy, demanded last year that the European Union open the gates to all 500,000 migrants and allow them to enter countries within the political bloc.

* The EU plan is to try to reassure the public that they can manage borders and migration in an “orderly” way, while simultaneously committing the EU to mass migration and multicult by turning illegal migration into legal migration.

In conjunction, the Eurocrats will try to claim that there is really no crisis and that they have things under control in an effort to prevent Matteo Salvini and others from gaining traction.

Most know better by now. Brussels has absolutely no credibility…and they are well aware of this as well…which is exactly why so many Eurocrats are also trying desperately to censor opposing viewpoints and public debate.

This is what desperate regimes, which cannot win the hearts and minds of the people, will resort to when they feel their power slipping away.