Anti-Orban, neocon radicals of the past (and present) set to target Hungary and Poland.

Anti-Orban, neocon radicals of the past (and present) set to target Hungary and Poland.

Anti-Orban, neocon radicals of the past (and present) set to target Hungary and Poland.

‘Uncle Joe’ Biden is filling his cabinet with many failed and discredited neocons of the past, including William Burns and the bitter Samantha Power. His choice of Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is a disaster and another neocon retread of the past.

Things are about to get nasty. The Polish government must not be fooled into believing relations will carry-on as “normal” with this new regime in the US.

Former United States President Barack Obama, who destabilized Libya, has expressed anger and derision towards the people of Hungary for becoming a country that does not imitate the United States.
The interview was a reminder of Obama’s chaotic 8 years as President, which included violent campaigns in Libya and Syria as well as the rise of ISIS. Obama referred to Orban as being ‘undemocratic’, while touting the ‘democratic values’ of South Africa, by way of comparison. 😂

The interview caused controversy in Hungary, with Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó responding:
“…it almost seems as if the one making such claims is implying that the Hungarian people are incapable of making effective decisions about their own future.”
** This is indeed how they think, just like their allies in Berlin and Brussels. They disdain patriots and those who defy their socialist new world order and wish to force their perverted values on all.
Biden has also signed up William Burns as his CIA appointment. Burns has a long record of being openly opposed to Orban.

In addition, the article states: “Meanwhile, in a frightening development, Obama’s former associate Samantha Power has been recruited for the incoming administration. The architect of the slaughter of Colonel Gaddafi and the resulting migrant crisis in Europe, few people have caused as much damage to the peoples of North African and Europe in modern times as her, in fact, it is fair to say that she is the single most destructive force that either region has seen since the fall of the Berlin Wall. She is a committed anti-Orban activist, regularly using her public profile to appear to plant the seeds for a coming colour revolution in Hungary.”
She disdains the people of Poland as well.

Times change and national conservatives must unite behind a new strategy. Trying to change the EU or Tusk’s EPP is futile and a waste of valuable energy that could be utilized elsewhere to build a new force on the right to counter the heavy hand of the EU establishment and US neocon extremists of the past
Wait until the left-wing, Antifa zealots push Biden aside.

They must be answered. 🔔🥊