Antonio Tajani of EU State calls for a doubling of the European Union budget from 140 billion euros to 280 billion

Antonio Tajani of EU State calls for a doubling of the European Union budget from 140 billion euros to 280 billion

The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, calls for a doubling of the European Union budget from 140 billion euros to 280 billion, the German daily Die Welt reported. The opportunists will continue to try to expand their own powers in Brussels.

While many in Europe, including Austria’s Sebastian Kurz, are demanding a “slimmed-down” version of the EU that focuses on border security and trade, the bureaucrats in Brussels are seeking opportunities to expand their power and scope. We are not sure how many people work for the EU, but it is a vast and controlling network that has taken on a life of its own.

This is exactly why global monstrosities such as the EU must be tamed and controlled by the European nation states. Power is intoxicating and, left unchecked, eventually distorts the judgement and integrity of the human mind. The bureaucrats, clerks and so-called “experts” who have made their careers in Brussels have a vested interest in expanding their reach.

The EU may have created a “Fairy Godmother” cartoon but this Godmother cannot magically create euros with a mere waving of a wand. In order to achieve their socialist goals, Tajani’s EU Parliament would like to see the introduction of pan-European taxes. Wow!

“We demand 280 billion instead of 140 billion euros a year,” Tajani told reporters. “This requires new EU funds; for example, through a financial transaction tax imposed on stock exchanges,” he added. He will need a lot more than this.

According to Tajani, the European Union needs higher incomes, particularly because of the high costs involved in dealing with the migrant crisis, the fight against terrorism, and the increasing need for investment.

These are fine goals, but the EU Parliament is the wrong institution to achieve them. Investment is best done by the private sector, not government. Moreover, the disastrous and thoughtless policies of the EU and Angela Merkel only deepened and exacerbated the migrant crisis and also helped fuel the fire of Islamic terrorism.

How does the EU Parliament want to “deal with the migrant crisis?” They have offered more “insanity” by proposing another permanent quota scheme that “relocates” migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to Europe on an annual basis. No mention of ‘denying entry’.

This certainly does not give us much confidence that the EU has learned any lessons from their past failures. On the other hand, the Visegrad nations have dealt with the migrant crisis and are free of terrorism. How much money did they spend?

There must be more than EU “money and slogans” to achieve results. As Viktor Orban and Visegrad have proven, controlling migration and fighting terrorism also requires courage, fortitude and strength for success.

It was the efforts of the European nation states of Visegrad, Macedonia, Austria, Croatia and others who sealed the Balkan route which lead to the reduction of the migrant demand for Greece. The EU’s approach in Italy was a disaster during the first six months of the year. However, in July, once the Italian government decided to “work with local groups” in Libya to stop the migrants from taking off from the coast, we started to see large reductions.

The EU may try to claim that it was their efforts but, like the EU Fairy Godmother, this is a nice fantasy.

Europe needs less of the EU, not more. Socialism does not work.