Asylum applications in Austria on the rise

Asylum applications in Austria on the rise

Austria: With asylum applications rising, the government wants to partner with BiH to help deport the illegals out of Europe.

Yes, this is long overdue and the V4 Report has advocated for this deportation partnership with Bosnia for years. The “game” is well-known and the illegals use Bosnia only as a stopover. Allowed to roam Europe, many illegals eventually are successful at reaching the EU.

Instead of giving the UN money for ‘reception’ centers in Bosnia, the EU should fund and implement an ongoing and permanent mechanism in the Balkans to return the aggressive illegals to their countries of origin. In addition, ALL EU foreign aid (not just visa privileges) must be linked with a country’s willingness to take back its citizens. This is common sense.

Yet, based on the lack of action from the past, we caution against getting too excited. Since the FPO is again gaining strength in Austria, Kurz and his EPP pretenders are probably just sending out election slogans. Next, Kurz may try courting Guy Verhofstadt’s pink NEOs group for a coalition . 😂💃

Plus, the EU is too woke to establish a forced, mass deportation program. We would suggest like-minded European nation-states form a coalition of the ‘unwilling’ to partner together to design the logistics for this deportation plan for Bosnia.

After all, it was the original Balkan closing five years ago, facilitated by several nation-states and heavily criticized by Merkel, that reduced the flow from Turkey.

Today, there are new gaps in new places…which is why forced deportations out of Europe en masse are a must. Relocations are counterproductive and just attract more illegals.

The EU status quo masquerading as reform is unacceptable.