At least 41 illegals die after boat sinks off Tunisia

At least 41 illegals die after boat sinks off Tunisia

At least 41 illegals die after the boat on way to Lampedusa sinks off Tunisia.
Time for the NGOs, Berlin, and Brussels to look in the mirror instead of shamelessly trying to blame others for its failings?

One does not hear of these tragedies off the coast of Australia. What message – backed by actions – did it send to greatly reduce these dangerous attempts to illegally enter by sea? 🤔💡

Yes, the NGO traffickers are partly responsible for luring the illegals to Europe, but it does not end there. Just because some amateur NGO freaks with a self-serving messiah-complex do not believe in borders does not mean European authorities should allow themselves to be held hostage by their insane demands.

Who and what is luring the illegals to Europe in such large numbers?

The EU has set the dangerous precedent of allowing the smugglers to control events and the illegals to stay in Europe.
In addition, some EU countries are luring even more illegals with the various relocation schemes that turn illegal migration into legal migration.

Why are some in Brussels surprised that the EU is a magnet for mass migration? 🤑

Although Australia has other major holes in its immigration policy, it has sent the right message at sea…” No Way” will you enter illegally by sea. Hence, the demand has been reduced.

Open borders are not an act of humanity in any way, shape or form; in fact, it is the cause of so much tragedy, indirectly enabling human smugglers to thrive…and it puts both Europeans and the migrants themselves at great risk.

The EU has just exacerbated the border crisis and is incapable of solving the crisis under the flag of solidarity, given the reality that there was never any European solidarity for mass migration, open borders, and multiculturalism.

Nation-States will always be more effective at solving migration, simply because they have more at stake than the unelected clerks in Brussels or Geneva.

There is no migrant crisis in the V4 nations because they took the necessary “preventive action” to control events, instead of allowing the actions of others to control them. The V4 did not wait to consult Brussels and instead took matters into their own hands and acted in the best interests of their people.

However, the EU will not change and is committed to mass migration and multicult.

In the long term, we just do not see how the V4 can continue to defend its culture and way of life in this multicult EU project.

The demographics are not good and they are getting worse. It’s time to start planning for a new future.

The world is a much bigger place than the little EU project.