Austria: Far-left Greens to form government with Kurz’s so-called “conservatives”.

Austria: Far-left Greens to form government with Kurz’s so-called “conservatives”.

Austria: Far-left Greens to form government with Kurz’s so-called “conservatives”.

The German paper linked below can label Kurz’s party (OVP) however it chooses to…but true conservatives do not form coalitions with far-left, multicult extremists such as the Greens.

There are some lines that cannot be crossed…and this is one of them.

* This was expected, but it’s still rather embarrassing how Kurz can keep a straight face while spinning this as an “excellent result”…uniting “the best of both worlds”.

Whatever Kurz 🙄…at least Berlin is happy now.

Like his EPP Party in Brussels, Kurz is a pure opportunist with no core identity besides maintaining power at all costs.

** Some are calling this an experiment, but Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Luxembourg all have Greens in government…and all four governments are absolute disasters. Even Lithuania is moving leftwards, promising to spend more (via EU, NGO financing) on migrants and extending its participation in the EU migrant quota scheme through 2021.

Lithuania to use EU funds to improve living conditions for ‘refugees’.This is not how one stops mass migration to…

Posted by V4 Report on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

This political marriage in Austria will be closely watched in Germany, where another group of EPP “conservatives” (Merkel’s CDU), may be entertaining thoughts of forming a Coalition with the leftist Greens (they actually already tried once before, until another party pulled out of the Jamaican Coalition).

*** The EPP Party and their new leader Donald Tusk have been crystal clear that they are willing to work with left-wing Greens and Socialists, but not with groups on the right led by the PiS of Poland (ECR) and Matteo Salvini (ID).

Apparently, the EPP has given Kurz an attitude adjustment.

If national conservatives on the right want positive change, they will not find it within Berlin’s EPP regime.

But then again, positive change within the multicult EU project may be elusive as well.

🤔 FYI: For whatever it’s worth, despite the media constantly describing the FPO’s election results as miserable (and with all the controversy, it was a tough election for the FPO), they still finished ahead of the Greens.

Kurz should be nervous (look at the photo, he looks spooked sitting across this Green zealot). 😂